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Asian Dining Room Tables

asian dining room tables
    dining room
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Asian Arts & Crafts 1910
Asian Arts & Crafts 1910
Uploaded by Vilma Valentine Kinney Peoria, IL Contest Entry Happy Hundred House 270 NE Randolph St Peoria, IL 61606 This place was built in 1910 by J Frank Ziegler who had just made a trip to China after the Boxer Rebellion. It had a green terra cotta roof made by Ludwici of Ohio with two large finials on the peak. I had the same company do the roof again. It cost $10,000.00 for the color. The eaves are supported by large oak braces. The house was designed by Hewitt & Emerson. Emil Harbors was the builder contractor. Boulders could have been brought from Colorado because of an Old Settler Boulder Monument they also designed. My parents , Wesley & Vera Shehan, had moved here ca 1940...they loved it. My father filled it with Asian artifacts. The ceilings were eight foot when many houses were twelve and fifteen foot high. The interior woodwork was quartersawn oak with pillars and many built-ins. Leather-like wallpaper from 1910 still graces the walls of the dining room and hallway in excellent condition. There are Louis Comfort Tiffany chandelier and sconces with favrile shades in the dining room. Hot water circulates throughout the house and there are working sinks in two of the bedrooms that do not have baths. A comfortable maid's quarters is separated by attic on the second floor. Two four-foot rosette windows are in the attic. Walk in closets have automatic light switches. A bell under the dining room table rings for the 'imaginary' maid. When mother died in 1997 I wanted to restore this beautiful house to honor my beautiful mother. Wiring was updated from 60 to 120, but some knob and tubing was accepted after 100 years. We never lost our facination for this fabulous place. This Place Matters and I hope that it will last another hundred years.
Lunch while House Sitting
Lunch while House Sitting
Noodles with my Christmas soda, a fancy center piece and dining room table, a beautiful Christmas tree and a flat screen TV in the background. I wonder if I can house sit for a living.

asian dining room tables
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