Best Digital Slr Camera Under 500

best digital slr camera under 500
    digital slr
  • A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.
  • equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)
  • A chamber or round building
  • television camera: television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam
  • A camera is a device that records/stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. The term camera comes from the camera obscura (Latin for "dark chamber"), an early mechanism for projecting images. The modern camera evolved from the camera obscura.
  • five hundred: denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units
  • five hundred: the cardinal number that is the product of one hundred and five
  • The .500 S&W Magnum is a fifty caliber semi-rimmed handgun cartridge that was developed by Cor-Bon in partnership with the Smith & Wesson "X-Gun" engineering team for use in their X Frame Model 500 revolvers and introduced in February 2003 at the SHOT trade show.

Skyline Drive, west view, late autumn
Skyline Drive, west view, late autumn
[Nikon N80 Tamron 28-80 CVS ISO400 film F8 -1eV ~1/500s > Epson V300 > Gimp] This is from my 3rd or 4th roll of film, ever, out of an SLR, after years of shooting digital...with the benefit of 20/15 hindsight it's just clearly underexposed. That haze is the actual emulsion. I was able to work a little magic to get it to be decent at ground-level but the sky was shot. Just too low of an exposure. I'm closing in on enough skill with film to get results that are, at least at 15" diagonal, pretty-much at least as good as a good raw shot from the average CCD DSLR. It's not going to match CMOS for SNR, probably not even for DR. But it still gets 10 stops of DR, the SNR is not bad if it's properly-exposed, I've yet to see that "plastic" look, and the N80 is still two orders of magnitude cheaper than a list A850. This camera & lens cost me $65 combined, the film was $10 for 4 rolls of ISO400-24 at CVS, probably the most expensive place I would ever buy such crap film. Promaster multicoated UV filter, $8 inc. sh/h from Amazon. Total $72. Three years ago I spent over twice that on an 8GB CF card, 4x that on a 16GB CF card, 5x as much on a G9. Just to take a bunch of pictures. And still wasn't completely happy with any of the digital cameras that I had bought. If I had not been a dunce and driven all that way out there the two weeks during the year that the leaves were brown and still on the trees, and then shot this at -1/2eV evaluative as well as -1eV? It would have come out just fine. That extra half-stop killed it. Not knowing how to shoot film, not knowing how sensitive it is to the correct exposure, I overcompensated trying to make sure the HDR scenes didn't overexpose the film. With a digital camera a raw shot shot a stop down wouldn't have been a problem at all. Film ain't digital. It can't be shot the same way, the results will not be the same. Lesson learned. But at least now I am sure that it is not a problem with the metering on the N80 or the way that I had scanned the film, at first. I have now shot and scanned...dozens of rolls. It was just too underexposed. If I go out there again to reshoot these the foreground won't be this cool reddish-brown, not before next October. But actually some of the best scenes that I've seen there are on overcast days and near sunset. Certainly some cloud-cover gives it a moodiness that keeps the view from getting boring real fast. It would *suck* to go all the way out there, take a bunch of film shots under clouds or in the evening and have the damm camera misfocus and blow half of them. And I'm getting a little leery of the AF on this N80. 30MP at 100% might be a rough test but still. Ah but you just need a few good ones ;) And I say, "what fun is there in yet another 'plasticky' digital shot?" Shooting digital, to me, is beginning to be as appealing as the idea of taking my 25-year-old girlfriend in for a botox treatment, maybe even plastic surgery. The idea of saving the cost of film appeals to me, but not at $400+ for the camera. As much as I want to pick up at least another A700 I don't want to spend $500 on a 6th camera-body and the D70 doesn't quite cut it IQ-wise, the AWB is a little flaky and the shots are either too warm or too cold, and in any case, just slightly "plasticky". Just enough to make me go "eh". It's ok but "definitely digital". I picked-up $50 worth of Fuji ISO1600 on eBay yesterday along with 8 rolls of Fuji ISO800 and 3 rolls of ISO200. All expired :) should be fun The D70 is too noisy to shoot at ISO1600 anyway, at least around twilight.
Oot 'n' aboot with Fray
Oot 'n' aboot with Fray
Eager to pop off a few shots using my new lens adapter, I went out for a stroll this morning. The insect bites are now itching nicely. This was taken with a Chinon 35mm lens, dating from the early 80s, which I bought for my last film camera. It's rather like having a best-of-both-worlds hybrid between a film and digital SLR, with focusing and exposure under your own control, but benefiting from digital advantages such as white balance settings. Good fun too. Quality seems better. Any lack of definition visible here is probably due to resizing for upload. A passing countryman asked me if I had seen any Stone Curlews. My face, richly blotched by midges was, metaphorically speaking, a blank. I knew of Stone Curlews, of course, but wouldn't have recognised one. He indicated the tree in the photograph and averred that it was a Black Poplar, Britain's rarest native species. I knew of Black Poplars too but, as with the Stone Curlews, wouldn't have recognised one. Females, of which this is one, are especially uncommon, he said. I thanked the man, gave him a farthing and, returning to the Hispano-Suiza, instructed my chauffeur, Bormann, to return to Bentos Towers. The Natural History Museum's website estimates numbers of Black Poplars at about 7,500 trees, of which only 600 are female. The otherwise appealing scene above is spoiled for me by the substitution for hedges of barbed wire fences. There's not much point in moaning. If those responsible could be prevailed upon to reinstate the hedges, they wouldn't know how to do it properly and would probably plant rows of shrubs of the type that belong in a municipal recreation ground.

best digital slr camera under 500
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