Publish or Be Damned*

The most fulfilling conversation is often a conversation of the deaf.

Google News sources news from forty five hundred news sources, and with redundancy in abundancy, it comes as no surprise that most are not new sources. The infinite monkey theorem mentions how infinite monkeys pecking on infinite typewriters would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. To publish is to be heard. Don't worry about falling off into oblivion, the Google web crawler will cache you.

Academics like nothing better than to have their papers published in renowned journals. Bloggers and website developers want clicks and eyeballs. Sing a song, and put it up for sale on iTunes, eBay, Amazon. Make a video and YouTube's the next step. Take photographs and put them on Picasa, Flixter, Flickr. Indulge in soulless chatting, scrapping, poking. Make friends and write testimonials for them on Orkut to tell the world they mean the world to you. Find out what your cousin's friend in Azerbaijan is up to, and sigh as you see those snaps he has put up where he's surrounded by hot females, and promise yourself you shall be out-surrounded in the snaps you put up. If you have knowledge to share, and nobody around you lends you an ear, construct a page on Wikipedia and immortalize yourself as the third link on Google search. Don't let my sarcasm on anonymous recognition get to you, Time Magazine has voted you the person of the year. You are version 2.0 of the unknown soldier, the one who has monuments all over the world.

Search, and you shall find. Pakistani pornography, Japanese Anime, alternate worlds, conspiracy theorists, co-religionists, high brow discussions, low brow  jokes, pretentious, earthy, whatever turns you on. Find soap operas where people drown in self pity, ones that resonate with your own silent sounds and reflect your soul.

What if you decide to shut up and listen? You shall receive live telecasts of mystics performing magic, boys in Madhya Pradesh who can ride two buffaloes simultaneously and the President of India explaining how she spoke to dead people. If you decide to go professional, Reuters Treasury 3000 will provide information on 360,000 bonds from 120 countries from 700 contributors. 70,000 amongst them priced daily, the bonds not the contributors. There are over 60 million blogs. Go ahead, make one, there is a new one being made every second. There are over 25 billion web pages. Thats five per person, go stake your claim.

And with this being published online, obscure and anonymous, I rest my case.