Snapshots from Kutch

A week spent in the western corner of India. 

I spent a random summer interning at AIDMI, a Disaster Mitigation NGO. I presume I was a nuisance at their office in Ahmedabad as they wasted no time in sending me to Kutch, a "far-flung"* district.I was assigned the job of surveying some 100 households and taking snaps of the conditions of the earthquake affected house.

Surveying people without knowing their first language was a bit of a problem. We overcame the language handicap with Gujarati with a Hindi accent on my part, and a Kutchchi-Gujarati hotchpotch on theirs.

*On the Far-flung scale, it ties with Bikaner and Ladakh but is pipped by a district in  Tripura that neither Bangladesh nor India know exists.

اللي بشوف مصائب الناس بتهون عليه مصيبته 
~ He who sees the calamity of other people finds his own calamity light.  ~