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Using Vodafone Live on Windows Mobile :


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Vodafone live settings for windows mobile 6.0

1) Open Start -> Settings -> Connections

2)  Select Add a new Modem Connection

 3) Give a name like - Hutch Internet Settings

 4) Click Modem and press "New.." Button to create a new modem connection

 5) Provide a name for the connection and press NEXT

6) Enter Access point name as "portalnmms"  and press NEXT

7) Leave all the fields as empty and press ADVANCED button.

 8) In advanced tab select "Use Server assigned IP Address" radio button and select  servers Tab.

 9) Select "use specific server address" and fill  the contents as shown in the following screenshot and press OK button.

 10) Enter Proxy Server value as and check both the boxes and press Advanced button.

 11) Assign value to HTTP Server and leave other servers to empty and press Ok.

12 ) Some mobiles ask for authentication type (options are : None, PAP, CHAP) then select NONE. If None is not available then select PAP.

13) Open Internet Explorer. Goto Tools -> Options -> Connections. Uncheck Automatically detect internet settings. (If you dont have "connections" leave as it is.

*********************** Done ******************************

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