Dare to be Different!

Welcome to A DIFFERENT DOLL.   
 If you have any questions that are not answered on this site, please feel free to email us at:  adifferentdoll@gmail.com
Motor Mama by Mary Ashcraft
Motor Mama by Mary Ashcraft
 TimeKeeper by
Lynn Schofield-Dahl

Mosaic Face by Teri Duffy
A DIFFERENT DOLL (ADD) is a doll-club in Southern Nevada committed to the development and promotion of Art Dolls and the Figurative Arts.   ADD was formed by Mary Ashcraft, Teri Duffy and Lynn Schofield-Dahl to encourage the creation of Art Dolls and other forms of Figurative Arts.  Working in all mediums, the members of the group nurture each other in their artistic ventures.
Each month we share our projects and learn new techniques in working sessions.  Members are encouraged to work during the business meetings.  All members of the group will be teachers as well as students. 
ADD offers regular challenges to our members.  We also support our members in joining outside challenges and seeking opportunities to publish their art.
As a Circle of the Desert Quilters of Nevada (DQN), all ADD Members are urged to join DQN.  Members of ADD are also encouraged to enter works in the annual DQN show held in Henderson, NV, each March.
During our meetings we will explore all aspects of doll making.  Sometimes we will focus on making a doll.  Some sessions will be devoted to making settings for dolls.  Sometimes we will learn new techniques.  All meetings will be about CREATING.
What excites your creative muse?  Not all of our dolls are pretty, but all of our dolls are art.  We encourage our members to explore the artists in themselves and find new faces and new styles and just be free in their creativity.  We dabble in all mediums including cloth, clay, metal, beads, wood, fiber, found items and more.  Try stepping out of your comfort zone and try a new style, a new color palette, a new size...
Dare to be different!