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Professional Activities

Here is my Resume: [Spanish]    [English] (outdated)

Research Interests

  • Software architectures
    • quality-driven software design
    • architecture reconstruction and conformance
    • code anomalies
    • object-oriented frameworks
    • aspect-oriented technologies
  • AI techniques applied to Software Engineering
    • multi-agent systems
    • natural language processing
    • distributed constraint reasoning

Recent Publications (2014)

  • Reusing Design Experiences to Materialize Software Architectures into Object-oriented Designs. German L. Vazquez, J. Andres Diaz-Pace, Marcelo R. Campo. In “Information Sciences” (Elsevier). Volume 259, pp. 396-411. February 2014. ISSN: 0020-0255. Indexed by Thomson ISI. [DOI]
  • Using Constraint Satisfaction to Aid Group Formation in CSCL. Jose Maria Balmaceda, Silvia Schiaffino, J. Andres Diaz-Pace. In "Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial", AEPIA. Volume 17, Issue 53, pp. 35-45. ISSN: 1137-3601. Special Issue de ASAI 2013 (42 JAIIO). April 2014. [Link]
  • Personalized architectural documentation based on stakeholders' information needs. Matias Nicoletti, J. Andres Diaz-Pace, Silvia Schiaffino, Antonela Tommasel,  Daniela Godoy. To appear in “Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development” – JSERD (Springer). May 2014.
  • Assisting Requirements Analysts to Find Latent Concerns with REAssistant. Alejandro Rago, Claudia Marcos, y J. Andres Diaz-Pace. To appear in “Automated Software Engineering” (Springer). June 2014. Indexed by Thomson ISI. [DOI]

A complete list of my publications can be found here

Contact Information 

Office phone: +54 (2293) 440363 ext. 30
Fax: +54 (2293) 440362 

Postal address:

ISISTAN-CONICET Research Institute
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas - UNICEN University
Campus Universitario
Paraje Arroyo Seco, (B7001BBO) Tandil, Bs. As.