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Hot Chocolate with all the trims


(makes 2)

150 gr chocolate (I used milk chocolate)

450 ml milk



Cookies (oreos in this case)


Heat your milk in a small pan over medium hear. Scrape or cut your chocolate in little chunks (you can cut most of ti and scrape some in curls to decorate later). 

Before the milk starts boiling throw in the chocolate and stir until all of it is well melted and the milk takes in the chocolate colour. Once all melted, set aside. 

Tip your sprinkles in a bowl and heat your marshmallow over a flame. 

Rub the melting marshmallow around the top of your mug (be generous the stickier the better, more sprinkles!). Place your mug top down in the sprinkles and coat it generously. 

Pour chocolate in your mug. 

Throw in your marshmallows, extra sprinkles and extra chocolate swirls. 

Go all crazy and enjoy it with Oreo cookies!