What is Technopaganism?

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The push to create better tools, to focus and extend the will of humanity, is a part of the evolutionary and spiritual make-up of humanity itself.

The ever-increasing sophistication of machine requires an equivalent constant sophistication of spirit in order for us remain a balanced species. Making technology a scapegoat for the flaws of humanity simply enables us to avoid our responsibility to ourselves and to nature. This undermines the concept that humanity can and must develop as an ethical species.


~ Blade Hamilton



Technopaganism, like Paganism, is an umbrella term. It may refer to various different understandings of incorporating technology and modern living into Neopagan religious expressions. There is as of yet, and perhaps never will be, a specific definition of just what technopaganism is and what in encompasses, however there are several commonly held understandings:




-          Incorporating technological features like blogs, internet video, chat rooms, instant messaging services, virtual simulations and worlds for use in ritual or fellowship, or the use of technological features like televisions, ovens, and personal computers in the use of ritual or divination.


-          Incorporation of modern implements or items of technology as ritual and/or magical tools. Examples may be the use of copper tubing as a wand or incorporating modern signage in the use in sigil making or divination.


-          An understanding that the spiritual and natural world does not end where humanity begins. As humans are natural, what humans create is also natural. Those who resonate with this concept may see a reflection of spirit in buildings, roads, cars, computers, and many other items of modern living.