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Cleaning Corroded Brass

cleaning corroded brass
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Vintage Western Folding Knife, after
Vintage Western Folding Knife, after
3-Blade Model 424, after 1st cleaning. Found this old vintage 3 Blade Western pocket folding knife at a local estate sale today. It was very corroded and simply filthy, but after some patience and elbow grease, she's in very good shape now. Sharp points, blades snap strongly; everything in perfect working order. It's very difficult to determine, but I think this model 424 was built some time in the 1950s or earlier. The Western States Cutlery Company moved from Boulder, CO, to Longmont in 1956. Since this knife is stamped, "Boulder, Colo." that leads me to believe it is quite old (55+ years old). The house it came out of was very antiquated. Not bad for $5. :) Tools used for first cleaning - no grinding (in this order): Nevr Dull Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil 400 grit sandpaper Dremel, with polishing buffer. Took me about 1.5 hours. I've since cleaned out the brass linings further.
IMG 0378coronet
IMG 0378coronet
Shutter mechanism in the relaxed position looking from the front, the clear plastic 'clicker/delay' think is disengaged. I removed the tiny brass hot shoe contact, it was too corroded to mess with. The shutter is three plates sandwiched together with brass rivets, mine was rusted hard. I am using CLP Breakfree (the oily mess in the photos) to reduce the rust and clean the corrosion.

cleaning corroded brass
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