Official website for the DF65 one-design racing yacht - 
now incorporated and taking memberships from Australian skippers.

A group of skippers have taken up the challenge of co-ordinating the sailing scene here in Australia. We believe there are about 500 boats racing regularly. 

Many have already registered their boats with the RG65 registrar, which, until now was the International class that represented the DF65. 

Recently, the Tasmania, Queensland & New South Wales State Associations sanctioned the DF65 as a standalone class, and there are further moves to bring the class to the attention of the Australian Radio Yachting Association. If we are able to achieve this result, we will be able to hold regional, state and national championships. 

Guidelines ADF65RSA Membership

  1. Becoming a member of the ADF65RSA is easy and FREE.

Fill out the form on this website and submit it. Please ensure that your name and address are correct - as the Association is an Incorporated body, certain criteria is required for recording memberships.

2.  A membership number will be issued to you once the committee approves it. An ADF65RSA membership card will be sent to the address you give us.

3. You do not have to be a member of the  Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) affiliated club to be a member of the ADF65RSA, but to compete in regional, state and national regattas, it will be necessary further down the track.  There may not be a club near you at present, but once you are sailing on the water, you won’t be alone for long and it only takes 6 people sailing a regular program to qualify as a club. Contact your State Association to find out what you need to do.

Hull Serial Number

    Since the formation of the ADF65RSA we have devised a new system of registering your boats. Up until now, all DF65s were registered as RG65s on a Yahoo group database. Sail numbers were issued upon receipt of an email.

    In an endeavour to become a Nationally recognised class we need to be more stringent on how the registration process works. So, we thought we would start from day one. The new system is in accordance with the policy and constitutional requirements of the ARYA.

    1.The sail number issued by the RG65 Registrar is automatically  transferred to the ADF65RSA database as soon as you become a member. It forms part of your new hull serial number (HSN). The hull serial number will stay with the boat. Additional hulls will require their own HSN.

    Severely damaged hulls may be replaced with a substitution hull and inherit the replaced HSN.

Requests for additional HSN and changes to personal details can be emailed to  Secretary ADF65RSA

    2. Upon requesting a HSN, members will be issued with the next available number. There will no longer be provision to choose particular sail numbers. This is the current practice in place for all one-design classes, regardless of size and conforms to ARYA policy.

All non-transferred RG65 sail numbers issued by the RG65 Registrar will be grandfathered and will not be available to new DF65 boats.

    3. The HSN will comprise of the year of registration plus your existing sail number. i.e. 18250

In supplying HSN to members who had sail numbers issued by RG65, we are mindful that there may be errors in the previous database, so, it may be necessary to provide you with a number that is similar to your old sail number. The last two digits, which make up your sail number, should remain unchanged.