VERYTIKI's Big Kids - Middle Childhood

Puberty, Adolescence, Estrogen Hormone......What are all these ? Big Kids in their middle childhood need love and care more then you can imagine to face their physical and emotional change and challenges coming their way.



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Big Kids – Middle Childhood


Comparing the Pre-school years and Teens, your kids between the age of 6 to 12 who is under the Mid Childhood range seems relatively peaceful. However, they are these unique individuals that tends to have their own special characteristics.


Childs develop at very different rates. Distinctive development patterns can be observed. At the age of 6, they can be demanding. At 8, you can observe that they are more outgoing and enthusiastic. By 10 to 12, they become more independent and rebellious.


As parents and care takers, be prepared for the physiological change, social, emotional, speech, language and growth spurts with these Big Kids. Guide them along with their frustration, discipline, behavior problems and talking back (this talking back is what we parents hate most. Haha..)