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All about Babies, Kids, Teenagers and Parenting. Problems we face, solutions we need, love and ideas we want to share, special gifts of love, lessons we should learn as parents and kids. Let's share what we know as a Parent, Teenager, Kid or Baby.  


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Babies, tots, pre-school kids, big middle age kids to teenagers are different phases of growth our precious one will go through with parent's full supports and guidances. As a mother of three, I have so much to love, so much to learn, so much to share and so much to care. Being a mother makes me a smarter and courageous lady as everyday is a challenge and learning process.

Iwant to share all I know with all the adults and childrens. Nevertherless to say, I love to learn from you too. Lets hold our hands and make this world beautiful with LOVING Adults and Kids.......LOVE is all we need !!!