Thanks from Adeline


I would like to thank the wonderful people who helped me in my 
journey as a Dancer.
Without them , I would not be what I am today.

    - Pedro CONSUEGRA
      My dear Pedro,  so much to say!You trace my way to the Fabulous Ballet School of Alicia Alonso (Cuba). You also always believed in me.
      Thank you from all my Heart.

    - Martha IRIS
      Martha, such a wonderfull teacher! Passion and Devotion!I learn a lot from you!
      Thank you.

    - Alicia ALONSO
      An Exemple to Everyone! As Dancer and as a Teacher!
      Thank you.

    - Claudette DOUILLON
      My Claudette, a Talented Person who teaches the best basis as a Dancer can have. You taught me the passion of dance!
      Thank you.

    - Vivien LOEBER
      My  Dear Vivien, Amazing Teacher who knows how to work for each one individual. You have really helped me to improve my work as a Dancer!
      Thank you.

    - Janine CHARAT
    - Ramona de Sa
    - Ben
    - Peter SCHAUFUSS
    - Jan BROECKX
    - Gino LABATE

And many Others who took part of my journey!!!

The Person without whom this would not have been possible is my MOTHER!!!

Ma chère MAMAN




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