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Sample Poetry

Copyright © 2013
Adele Pilkington


Little sparrow, I can see you,
High above me in your nest
Ever trying, dreams of flying,
Tired wings have earned a rest.
All your every need provided,
Daily warmth and food and love,
Helpless though you seem, your safety
Is assured by God above.
He can see your every movement,
He will catch you if you fall,
Such a tiny life, yet precious
To God who hears our every call.
In your life, I see mine mirrored,
I too need a helping hand,
Lifted up by One who loves me,
My Father always understands.

Heavenly Treasure

Do we place our trust in politics, or princes or philosophers?
Does our future lie in finance or the forecast of astrologers?
Are stocks and shares an anchor, the hope on which we rest?
Will our planning for the future really stand the test?
Is security the world can offer ever safe at all,
As walls of nations tumble and politicians fall?
Do we have a sure foundation that will stand the test of time,
Or will doubts and fears assail us if our fortunes fast decline?
If our life and health are threatened, will everything be lost?
By faith in Christ alone can we know a perfect trust,
Our future guaranteed and eternity secure,
To those investing in our heavenly Father’s treasure store.

All the days of my life

 Lord Jesus, the Shepherd who cares,
All the days of my life you will share,
Your infinite love and your grace.

Lord Jesus, the Shepherd who died,
All the days you are there by my side,
Guarding and guiding my way.

Lord Jesus, my servant and King,
All the days may my heart gladly sing,
Songs of thanksgiving and praise

For Jesus who bore sin and shame
That my life might be saved by His name,
To live and to walk in His way,
A redeemed child of God – born again.

Lord Jesus, the Shepherd who cares,
All the days of my life till their end,
May I reach other souls by your grace
Risen King till you come once again.