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Bakari the Soldier Boy

Join Bakari and his family and friends as they learn that we can trust God at all times even when scary things happen in life. See how Bakari discovers this important truth  through Bible stories, pictures and poems. I am grateful to talented illustrator Eira Reeves for sharing her gifts in the production of this book.

        ‘A new earth and heaven will come down from above, A city bright with wonder, made by God’s special love.

        God will rule for ever and will wipe each tear away,There will be no darkness, it will be forever day’…

The story of Bakari has a happy ending but that is not true for many of the young children around the world who are forced to become child soldiers. It is estimated that 300,000 boys and girls, some as young as seven, are currently trained for fighting or used as spies, guards, suicide bombers, human shields or slaves around the world.  They are forced to kill or be killed, and their childhood is lost and their experiences often affect them into adult life. 

There are a number of charities who provide support for child soldiers, and help them recover from their experiences. The author intends that all proceeds which she receives from the sales of this book will be distributed evenly among the following charities:

  • Child Soldiers International     Supports communities to resist recruitment of child soldiers, advocates for stronger legal standards                                                                            and campaigns to protect children’s rights worldwide.
  • Invisible children                    Their mission is to end violence and exploitation in the most isolated and vulnerable communities. 
  • War Child                            They protect, educate & stand up for the rights of children in war zones. 


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