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December 2020

Truly a year of  challenges for all which has motivated me to dust off a manuscript reflecting on the wonder of the Trinity. Hoping to self-publish soon. 

June 2019
Glad to have been able to send monies arising from sales of  'Grace - a gift of Godto the charities I am supporting and had the following responses:
Thank you for your gift which has made a difference in the lives of numerous babies and their mums(Be'ad Chaim)
Bless you and may the Lord shine His face on you, protect you and grant you peace.  (Through the Roof)

December 2018

Donations arising from 'Bakari' have now been sent to Invisible Children, 

War Child and 

Child Soldiers International, who commented 'as a small charity, your donation is truly encouraging and your support helps our work to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers'.

September 2018
My most recently published collection of poems has definitely had the longest incubation period.  I am pleased that 'Grace - a gift of God' is finally in print, and I hope it will benefit those supporting others in special need of God's grace at different stages in life. 

March 2018
 I am pleased that Bakari the soldier boy has been published and hope that funds raised from sales will  help 3 specific charities who campaign to end the practice of child soldiers and support individuals and families whose lives have been affected.

November 2017
After a longer hiatus than intended I hope to publish a  second children's book in the new year, to highlight the plight of child soldiers. For more information on this subject you may find this blog helpful that I prepared for Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART UK).  

May 2016
Glad to have been able to send monies arising from sales of  'Fruit for the Lordto the charities I am supporting and had the following responses:
Thank you for helping us to provide hope and healing to people who so desperately need our help.   (Rev Judy Polkinhorn, for Mercy Ships UK.)
Your gift will be well used to serve God's people around the world.   (Liz Wright, on behalf of Langham Partnership, UK & Ireland)

April 2015
My book 'Fruit for the Lord' has just been  published.  I hope to benefit a number of charities who help to bring the love of Christ, hope and healing to others. The poems are again inspiringly illustrated by Eira Reeves, and I am very grateful to her for sharing God's gifting in this way.
Christ-likeness is the world's greatest need and the Church's greatest lack.   (Roger T Forster, founder of Icthus Christian Fellowship)

January 2015
The start of another year with its challenges and uncertainties. As world events point to increasing societal breakdown, extremism and lawlessness, it is good to know the one true and living God is unchanging and faithful. As we look towards His coming Kingdom may we fruitfully labourer in His harvest.

October 2014
A busy few months have passed with preparations for moving home after two decades in Scotland. It has been good to be reminded again of God's faithfulness in all things. I am glad that 'Dori the Donkey of Destiny' has blessed those who have read it and the work of  children's charities: 
Your gift enables us in our plan to complete our second residential home for older orphans in western Ukraine, and .....our desire to install a hoist in the hydrotherapy pool.   (Martin Wilcox, on behalf of Child Aid to Russia & the Republics)

May 2014
I have just had confirmation that 'Dori the Donkey of Destiny' will be published at the end of this month and hope that this will benefit a number of children's charities. The stories are beautifully illustrated and I'm grateful to Eira Reeves for her help with this.

February 2014
Glad to have been able to send monies arising from sales of  'Faith in His Futureto the charities I am supporting and had the following responses:
Thank you for showing your love and concern for those who suffer for their faith.   (Colin King 20/02/14, on behalf of Release International)
Your gift is broadly equivalent to covering the cost of the annual subsidy of medicines for five villages in Burma.   (Rob Chidley 28/02/14, on behalf of  HART)

January 2014
I have always hoped to write a children's book, and am excited to be working with a talented illustrator, Eira Reeves, who has many publications to her credit. Again it is hoped that children's charities will benefit from this publication. Watch this space for further news!  

November 2013
My book 'Faith in His Future' has been published -  find it 
The poems reflect on ordinary men and women who did extraordinary things through faith in God.   Here are further thoughts about how God's ministry through women
Winter coats will be purchased for Burmese orphans from sales of 'Songs in the Night'. Hoping to benefit those persecuted for their faith.

October 2013
As the way society chooses to communicate changes, some consider poetry as an art form is dead. What do you think? Here are some thoughts

June 2013
Great news, following personal book sales and generous donations from other recipients of  'Songs in the Night' it has so far been possible to send the 4 children's charities £700 towards their work. Here are some responses:
Without faithful people like you, we cannot achieve as much as we do, but in our faithfulness together the Lord Himself makes the increase. (Philip Barker 14/06/13, on behalf of Heaven's Family)
Thank you for this kind donation. It was wonderful to hear how God has inspired your work. We have been very touched by what we have read. (Nicola Robinson 18/06/13, on behalf of  OM Free a Dalit Child).

April 2013
My book 'Songs in the Night' has been  published by Onwards and Upwards Publishers.     Find it here!
 The eBook editions of ‘Songs in the Night’ are also available  from: kobo   and  Amazon Kindle UK

Adele Pilkington,
19 Jan 2018, 11:33
Adele Pilkington,
19 Jan 2018, 11:33