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Grace-a gift of God

Grace is God's free and unmerited favour to us, and is evidence of God’s boundless love. This series of poems explores the way in which God’s grace is available at every stage of our lives, and how His grace is demonstrated in the lives of very different Bible characters, and through the whole of creation, but most abundantly in the life and saving work of Jesus Christ.

There are a large number of charities who support individuals or groups who have additional needs, or face circumstances which make their journey through life even more challenging. For example, there are charities who provide support for the unborn, the very young or elderly, or for individuals with a range of disabilities. Each is able to uniquely present God’s grace to others. 

It is intended that all funds which may arise from the sale of this book will be distributed evenly among the following charities:

Be'ad Chaim             Offer help and hope to women in crisis pregnancies by providing counselling, education and practical support.
Pilgrims Homes     This is a group of  
Christians supporting older people and 
shaping the issues that affect them to 
make later-life a                                                 time of  fulfillment and enrichment as befits people created in God’s image.

Through the Roof      
This is a Christian disability charity that c
hanges the lives of disabled people around the world and 
                                            helps others to change lives too through freedom, friendship and faith.

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