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Fruit for the Lord

Fruitfulness is at the heart of the Christian message and is a central theme throughout the Old and New Testaments. We live in a time where society is increasingly hostile to the word of God and the truth of Scripture, and so there is an urgency to ensure that we are as fruitful as possible in the days to come, that those who have not yet responded to God’s grace have the opportunity to do so whilst there is time. 

This book paints a picture of what it means to truly live an abundant life in Jesus and how you can receive it for the glory 
of the One who joyously provides all things. As we can confidently look forward to the future harvest which God has promised,  it is important that we continue to bear ‘good fruit’ for Christ in our own lives. The fruit of the Spirit comes 
from the love of God  in action. As believers we are commanded to love others as God has loved us. 

This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, 
showing yourselves to be my disciples. 
John 15:8 (NIV)

The author intends that all proceeds which she receives from the sales of this book will be distributed evenly among the charities highlighted in the book whose ministry promotes fruitfulness by bringing the love of Christ, hope and healing 
to others:
  • Langham Partnership Equipping churches in the Majority World for mission and growing maturity in Christ
  • Mercy Ships  Delivering life saving medical care to the world's poorest countries
  • Streams of Blessing Reaching out to the elderly and aged from all walks of life
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