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What others say

It's been said in a world of tweeting and social media that poetry is a communication form of the past.  I asked some  friends for their thoughts  and here is what they said:

'Songs in the Night'

Adele Pilkington's love for God shines through in these verses. As she expresses her awe at creation and concern for this world, she shares that love with us, lifts us up out of ourselves and points us towards His great goodness.          

Marion L.S. Carson (Author, Lecturer) 

I sincerely commend this heart-warming new composition of original verse penned with refreshing candour and colour. These pages are living letters of uplift and rich encouragement for times like these. Each verse encourages us to look up and beyond our present troubles to the One from whom our help comes and will provide for many who read them, songs for our darkest nights. Written from a wide subject-interest and  with a warmth readers will feel, the author has provided us with a truly inspirational read.          

Dr Alec Passmore (Evangelist, Pastor, Bible Teacher).

'Faith in His Future'

 Adele Pilkington’s book includes a delightful collection of creative poetry, inspired by the many men and women of faith in the Old Testament, referred to in the book of Hebrews.  This is an inspirational reflection on how we all need faith to believe that God has a purpose for our lives, however insignificant we deem them to be. It is beautifully illustrated with memorable poems, describing Bible verses which we might know, but fail to apply to ourselves.

Fiona Castle  OBE (International Christian Speaker and Author) 

There is a simplicity about these poems that is rather deceptive. Read each one with the relevant biblical story to hand and you find they do more than re-tell the story surrounding each character; they illuminate it in a way that is relevant and applicable to the life of faith today.

Revd Dr Sandy Roger  (Former Principal of Faith Mission Bible College and now Minister at Brucefield Whitburn Church)

'Fruit for the Lord' 

 Adele's book Fruit for the Lord is a very important book for the vineyard of the Lord. Obviously, her writing has the Spirit of the Lord within its pages and we pray that this book will help others to produce a larger harvest worldwide for the glory of God.

Sharon Sanders (Co-founder, Director, Christian Friends of Israel - Jerusalem)

Christ-likeness is the world's greatest need and the Church's greatest lack. Adele observes in Fruit for the Lord that it is the aim of being a Christian. This unique combination of poetry, Scripture and Eira's beautiful art will appeal to many people, helping to produce God's desired harvest.

Roger T Forster (Founder of Ichthus Christian Fellowship - Author and former Chairman of the Evangelical Alliance)