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Why poetry?

Whilst reading and writing poetry is something I have enjoyed from an early age I have often found that inspiration comes in moments of stillness, when the world is sleeping, and when we can be most at one with God. This reality led me to the theme for my first published collection of poetry - 'Songs in the Night':

         And you will sing as on the night you celebrate a holy festival;           

               your hearts will rejoice as when people playing pipes go up 

                       to the mountain of the Lordto the Rock of Israel. 

                                                      Isaiah 30:29 (NIV)

I also believe that God enables us and equips us in order that we can fulfil the plan and purpose He has for our lives. For each of us this involves being good stewards of the resources He has given us and considering the needs of others.

Poetry with a purpose

I am hoping that by sharing my poetry a number  of  charities may benefit. In relation to 'Songs in the Night' I have distributed all proceeds received from sales of the book among four children’s charities who support orphans, or those in developing countries with limited support.

In relation to 'Faith in His Future' have distributed all proceeds received from sales of the book among three charities which support those facing persecution because of their faith in Christ.

In relation to 'Dori the Donkey of DestinyI have  distributed all proceeds received from the sales of this book among three charities who support children with a wide range of additional needs and disabilities.

In relation to 'Fruit for the Lord', all proceeds will be distributed among three charities whose ministry promotes fruitfulness by bringing the love of Christ, hope and healing to others.

I also hope that the poetry encourages all who read it to explore relevant Bible passages, and to enjoy a deeper relationship with our amazing God and Saviour.