11th grade 2016 – 2017


Extensive Reading Library Book

Getting to Know You



Get Quizlet on your mobile phone:
English Central:

This is a GREAT way to practice pronunciation!

Register for the site English Central.  You will hear famous people speaking, record yourself saying the same sentences, and be told how well you did! Try it!

Grammar practice: 

For practicing almost ANYthing grammatical, go to The Grammar Aquarium and look around for grammar points you need to improve. 

Practice your Prepositions

Play basketball and improve your use of prepositions (at/on/in/etc.) at MES.

Practicing any-some

Click here for an explanation about the difference between any / some / no

Click here to practice the difference between any / some / no

More practice here.

Vocabulary practice:
Improve your vocabulary with eduFire

No need to register here - play the games with the flash cards and learn lots of new words!

Free Rice: Practice vocabulary, grammar, and other stuff while donating rice to feed hungry people.  Click here to play.

Practice your typing skills:
The Frogs are Off Their Diet is a fun game to play to help you get to know the keyboard and type faster. 

Relative Pronoun Practice (who,which,that,etc.)

Practice capitalization

Magical Capitals - a little childish, but good practice for learning when and why to use a capital letter.
Fun Trivia - answer the questions and read the explanations for ones you got wrong.

Use this test-to-speech program to read what you type or copy/paste into the window.