The Adelaide Regiment 1862

The 'Adelaide Regiment 1862' is a living history and re-enactment group. We recreate a unit of the 'Adelaide Regiment of Volunteer Rifles' as it would have appeared in colonial South Australia in the period from 1862 to 1865. The Adelaide Regiment was part of the South Australian Volunteer Military Force and was formed to defend the colony from the threat of a French or Russian raid.
The aim of our group is to provide an all-inclusive 'living history' experience for its members and to strive for authenticity at all times to best of our ability. As a member of this group, you get the chance experience what it was like to be a volunteer rifleman by taking part in a whole range of living history activities. These include learning how to march and fight in period formations, live-firing blackpowder muzzle loading rifles, period camping, regimental dinners and more. We do public appearances/displays as well as group only activities.

As we are a living history group, not a shooting club, members do not need a firearms license to join and take part in all our activities. We do however offer chances to live-fire our period muzzleloaders several times a year under a qualified supervisor.
Although the original Regiment was formed in 1860, we have chosen the period from 1862 to 1865 as this was when the first standardized government uniform was issued to the Regiment and which we have detailed historical information on. Prior to 1862, every S.A. volunteer rifle company had to design and supply its own uniform, leading to a wide variety of styles and colours being worn. By adopting the standardized uniform of 1862 we can accurately portray any one of the twenty companies which formed the Adelaide Regiment. From 1865 a new uniform was introduced which is why we have chosen that year as our cut-off date.
We are available to appear at both public and private events and can provide guards of honour and/or drill displays. If you would like to book us please lodge your enquiry via the 'Contact Us' link on the left.
Please take some time to look around our site, and if you would like to get involved, or book us to appear at your event, simply click on the 'JOIN' button on the left to get in touch.

What is Living History?

Living History is a hobby that incorporates historical tools, activities and clothing into an interactive presentation. Its aim is to give participants and observers a sense of stepping back in time. Sometimes it can also include re-enactments of specific historical events. Living History is also a version of Experimental Archaeology where participants learn about the past by experiencing the skills and conditions first hand.