Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup tournament

he Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup is an annual Bloodbowl tournament held in the first quarter of each year. The AFOUL Bloodbowl league in Adelaide, South Australia runs the event.

ADBC has been running since 2011 and has become one of the world's most iconic Bloodbowl Tournaments thanks to the gigantic grand dungeon and the LRB6 Dungeonbowl Rules that have been painstakingly developed and improved through hundreds of tournament games since 2011.

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check out Blitz! magazine for an account of how we made the grand dungeon out of Hirst Arts blocks with materials and advice from  Griffin Grove Gaming.

The tournament is open to players of the Games Workshop's boardgame, Blood Bowl®.

The original rules have been modified slightly to make the game suitable for tournament play.

The rules used for this tournament have been exhaustively playtested to ensure a smooth but challenging gaming experience for players. Our Dungeon Bowl rules are available in BL!TZ magazine or as part of the registration information for players.

This variant of the game is perfect for beginers, because games last less than an hour and teams usually consist of only 7 players.

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