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Bed And Breakfast Romantic

bed and breakfast romantic
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Uncle Aunty having their sweet lunch.. Vintage window.. Vintage furniture.. How can I miss this shutter? Very nice feel when seeing this old couple having their lunch at E&O restaurant. Romantic.. Like it much.. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera.. The only way to capture down this romantic scene is by using my phone. ** Photo taken by iPhone and fully edit with the very great apps, camera+ (except the watermark)
Queen Anne Style Home
Queen Anne Style Home
Beautiful Bed and Breakfast in West Winfield NY Five Gables Bed and Breakfast! Romantic Queen Anne Victorian features 6BR 5BA formal parlor, pocket doors, floor to ceiling bay windows, thick wood casings. Superb original details inside and out. Exquisite 4000+/- sq. ft.home Rich with a 21 year history as a Bed and Breakfast. 30 mins to Cooperstown. $223,000.00

bed and breakfast romantic
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