Dog Hotel And Spa : Hotel Baita Courmayeur

Dog Hotel And Spa

dog hotel and spa
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Canada Packers Building - 1938/2009
Canada Packers Building - 1938/2009
Located at 750 Terminal Ave, this building was completed in the late '30s and is one of my favourite industrial heritage buildings in the city. A great example of adaptive reuse, this used to be a slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant. In the before pictures, you can see how 'remote' the area was at the time. The land that the building sits on is reclaimed and used to be part of False Creek but was filled in. Now, after being restored, this building is being used as a storage facility and a dog hotel/spa. Some additions have been over the years to the building but it's looking great. That's the Expo Line of the Skytrain that now cuts through the 'now' photo.
Spa & Cut
Spa & Cut
Spa & Cut for your beloved dog! If I remember correctly, it also offers dog hotel as well. Tokyo Midtown, few days after its opening.

dog hotel and spa
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