Featured Female Artist(s): 

Amber Sears, Artist/Designer
The Thinker: Amber Sears, Artist
Talented Full Phase Artist in multiple mediums including photography, and specializing in Portraits. Practicing Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Designer and creator of Original Tattoo Designs and tattoo portraits - Call for more details - 516-847-2209

Custom Pencil Portrait - Hand Drawn by Amber of 516-847-2209

Call for more details - 516-847-2209

Dawn Sears, Artist/Designer Church and Non Profit 516-847-2209
Dawn Sears
Full Phase Artist - Designer - Webmaster
Builds and manages websites, custom designs, original art, and photo, sketch, clothing creations or editing,custom forms and spreadsheets, private databases, servers, SEO, website analysis, management, Custom automation, website integration, consolidation of website data, analytics, stats, receivables, payables, documents, traffic, and more. Complete automation to real time for better customer response turn around time. Better automation in a company structure brings a rapid response mechanism with improved customer relations, and production.

Other Skills: 1982 to pres.
Former NYS Realtor, Bank Brach Manager, Law Firm Manager, currently a p/t Legal Assistant - specializing in judgment enforcement, debt litigation, student loans, parking violations, Loans, credit cards, car loan, commercial debt, mortgages, private notes, installment contracts, insurance claims, (all types of debt) settlement negotiation, property analysis, property management, fraud investigation and more.

Debts not collected? Receivables not paying? Call 516-847-2209 
Non Profit offers companies a better deal with "In House" servicing of their accounts vs placing with a third party company. Servicing can begin immediately unlike with a third party who is required to notify them allowing for an additional 30 days. Receivables can receive the attention they need with a more personal - experienced touch that will virtually maintain itself once corrected. Non Profit Services can do more for a company than any third party company. You keep your accounts "In House" and never have to have your customer base out of your control. We strive to keep the customer, as opposed to burn the connection. Although we have a strict process and aggressive approach, it remains very amicable with the existing customer.