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Affordable Artists

Pencil Sketch by Amber

Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch Portrait - by Amber Sears
Art and Design with X-Amount Down and Pay as you go!
Portraits: Hand Drawn (Pencil)        $125 per hour (xamt down)
Custom Drawn/Designed Art Work $125 per hour (xamt down)
Original Tattoo designs/sketches      $125 per hour (xamt down)
Websites  - Private Databases             $125 per hour (xamt down)
Editable Documents                              $125 per hour (xamt down)
Online Forms/Spreadsheets                $125 per hour 
(xamt down)
Art photo creations                                $150 per hour 
(xamt down)
Servers - Virtual/Designated               $3500 to start (xamt down)