you've reached the site for addtoreadinglist...a Blackberry browser-integrated ReadItLater client.  to download the client, click here.

for more information, click here.

april 28th, 2010: update
minor updates and a bug fix.  if you downloaded the previous client to your Storm, this update hopefully fixes any problems you may have had authenticating to the read it later service.  also fixed the initial focus for both the credentials screen and the title prompt.

you can download the updated client here.

jan 30th, 2010:  update
minor updates to the blackberry read it later client.  re-wrote credentials dialog so that buttons are side by side and centered.  wrote in 'cancel' button for the 'add title link' screen, and removed the 75 character limitation for the title field on that same screen.

you can download the updated client here.

a question:  does anyone using this client also use instapaper?  if so, would you ever use it from the blackberry?  if so, please drop me a line at addtoreadinglist AT gmail DOT com.

jan 12th, 2010: update
finally added checking to the title dialog.  if you click "ok" in the url title dialog, and there is no text in the dialog field, you will be prompted to enter a title.
you can download the update here.

if you have any problems with the program, please email me at this address.  since this is not my full time job, and I am a novice programmer at best, I won't be able to fix every issue, but I can at least take a look at it.  please provide detailed information in your email (what version of the RIM OS, what device, when did you get the error, etc.). An email stating that you 'kept getting a server error' when 'trying to install' does not help (I'm looking at you Mr. Draznin)

dec 21st, 2009:  key update
After much hard work and too many System.out.println() lines, I finally isolated the source of the thread open-ended animator thread in the .gif field used in the progress screen.  Unless you want an example of what thread-starving a JVM looks like, please update the app (or preferably remove altogether) using the download here.

As a side note:  I've added a title prompt screen so items added to your list will have a title instead of using the URL as one.  It's a simple customization of the default Blackberry 'OK' dialog and as such will not warn you if you click 'ok' without adding a title.  I'll add a warning after a brief vacation when I'm not as tired as I am right now.

dec 16th, 2009:  update
noticed an odd issue that occurred while adding a URL on my device (Curve 8310).  The progress screen fails to appear after clicking the  "add to reading list" menu item.  Clicking the menu item again has the same result.  After that, navigating to a new URL throws a "the page you requested could not be loaded, it is too large for the device." until a battery pull is performed.  This is impossible to replicate on the 8310 simulator, which made it hard to debug the code, but I believe I fixed the problem.  I'll be testing it out on my device over the next couple of days.

If you're experiencing the same problem, please download the updated app here

addendum:  I've also added another browser integrated menu item to this version; clicking on it takes you to your unread list. 

dec 14th, 2009:  important update
If you downloaded the addtoreadinglist app before 6:10 PM CST today (Dec 14th, 2009), please delete it from your Blackberry and re-download it using the same link.  The old version does not handle connection drops.