-_- AddressInitials.tk -_-

or Address.Initials.googlepages.com or 1mm.de
flashiest domainflashiest domain 57x full block█character

the fastest access of favorites/bookmarks and preferred files, folders with single character shortcuts and logical shortcuts
Amount shortcuts : 43 • x , ~1000 • xxx , 32  [ALT] [ALT gr] or [shift] char.  , 10  typable letters i.e. á

DEMO how to open 2 webpages, a folder* + addressed e-mail forms* in mozilla FireFox

The typed shortcuts / address.initials:
, 4, mf + ai , finished with [ENTER] ALTcode.tk#_☺=1_♥=3

►flash source 6.6.je -_- slower, with instead of [ENTER]

Advantages: faster and more comfortable than to search in the bookmark menue or to
click listings in the address pulldown menu. In the case of local Files/folders: you must not launch a 2nd application.

Address.Initials rule: ignore the tld´s (.com .de .xy +..) i.e. "♥.tk" → "♥"
tip : you can use for local files/folders special character prefixes "-" "+" ..

Address.Initials in the Taskbar Addressbar (startup typing Enter)
in Win + linux can click a smaller amount of symbols faster in Autohide Toolbars
@ the left or top screen edge autohide.toolbars.googlepages.com

How to prepare the bookmarks in moz FF
ctrl b
rightklick on a bookmark → properties
insert the shortcut or address.initials into the KEYWORD field

-_-enlarge link -_- firefox bookmark properties

* how to bookmark files and folders:
create a bookmark with ctrl + d
change in the bookmark properties dialog box the location
to i.e. C:\6\-_-.eml or ..or C:\6 for the folder view or file:///C:/6

streetart billbord " use Address.Initials " ─────██████████════█