Letter For Change Of Address

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letter for change of address Urgent Open Letter to Musalia Mudavadi
Urgent Open Letter to Musalia Mudavadi
Most Urgent Open Letter to Musalia Mudavadi Dated 21 Dec 2012 Dear Potential Future President Musalia Mudavadi…. I will address you as a potential future president of Kenya. First I want tell you that I want my president to be a tough guy. You are not a very tough man, are you? Being a president, you will be faced with tough choices which need tough and immediate decisions. The way I have observed you of late, you have beaten all the former watermelons and become the Water-Melon-in-Chief. Now, why are you whining? You always seem to make the wrong political moves. Now stop whining. Who cheated you that there is honesty and keeping of promises in Kenyan politics? Eti, oohhh, they said they will nominate me! Oohhh Uhuru said he would relinquish his position for me! Hahaha! Go tell that to the birds sir.. You actually had the audacity to say this on national television! You have really disappointed me and your ardent followers who thought you would be the pawn to be used to defeat RAO. If you wanted to know more about MoU’s, you should have talked to Raila. He has a doctorate degree in MOU. If my memory is still clear, the main reason why you left ODM was that you were demanding that delegates choose the presidential candidate. Then you were salvaged into the Jubillee Alliance where they demand that the candidate be chosen through delegates. Now you turn around demanding that candidate be nominated through consensus. Mr.Mudavadi, are you sure you can run this country through indecisiveness and changing goal posts? Why can't you be tough like Uhuru Kenyatta or RAO? By the way I am beginning to like that chat about being given the ticket on a silver platter, I mean for comedy. Rumuors have it that the people who led you into your current political mess are the same people who lured you out of ODM. You have been played. And you swallowed it hook and sinker! Do you ever learn? Why do you always make the wrong political decisions? When your people and friends want you to go for the presidency, you disappoint. When your followers don't want you to stand, you disappoint. You would prefer to join an unknown party called UDF formed from I-don't-know-where, rather than the popular parties in your home areas, and God hear this, turn around and expect your Luhya people to be united in supporting you. I am afraid you have miserably failed to understand the Luhya people. You are the single most important factor contributing to Luhya political disunity. Please, give the Luhya a break! After so many years in politics, you are still very naive and that gullible. If these people were really interested in you, why did they sign their political marriage in Nakuru without you?. How on earth did you think that you would just walk into Uhururuto political marriage [barely started ] and become boss? You must really believe in reaping where you did not sow! It may have been that way in all your political life up-to now, but your Waterloo has finally arrived. I guess you heard how Ruto said he would find it very hard to convince his people that he was stepping down for MM. Because he worked for it! I guess you heard how Uhuru said he would find it very hard to convince his people that he was stepping down for MM. Because he worked for it! How about you? Rumuors have it that you were cheated into a well choreographed political drama that even a Form Two student would have suspected, but you choose to go along with it. My, my. For what consideration? At the end the drama is playing out just fine, it was designed to end just like this. A political alliance with Peter Kenneth that comes unstuck at the eleventh hour. A promise of the presidency on a silver platter that turns out to be the biggest joke of the year! A most demoralized Luhya voting machine that wonders why their most promising son is in the habit of perpetually disappointing them, living them high and dry. By the way, what was that alliance you tried to forge with KANU about? Say it again? Really, Mudavadi! For your followers and especially the Luhya community, this is now a period of pondering -- OF MAY BE. MAY BE HAD you stuck with RAO you would be Vice President. MAY BE at worst GOVERNOR of NAIROBI. MAY BE this , MAY BE THAT! How about you? What are you going through now? Does it also hurt? Or it does not matter? Do you feel like you have you become the laughing stock of this campgain? So, where do we go from here? Yes, sir! Tell us! Kindly, sir, shallow your pride and lead us back to ODM. If the seat of Governor Nairobi City is taken, we could try and negotiate for that of Kisumu City. Otherwise, how are you going to manage the very high passions you created in your followers who expected the presidency only to end up not in any of the top 5 leadership positions in the country? You get? Current street talk is that you are contemplating political retirement. Please, not now! Not now! Not now! Not until you have left the Luhya people in a safe pair of ha
Letter to Blessed Diana
Letter to Blessed Diana
13 February is the feast of Blessed Jordan of Saxony, Second Master of the Order of Preachers, and patron of Dominican vocations. Although Bl Jordan's relics were lost after the priory in Acre (in the Holy Land) was captured by the Turks, a beautiful and remarkable legacy remains. This is a collection of 56 letters, of which 37 were addressed with ardent love and devotion to Blessed Diana d'Andalo OP, a Dominican nun in Bologna. The reliquary here encases what is believed to be some of those letters written in Latin. In his foreward to the second edition of 'To Heaven with Diana!', an edition by the English Dominican, Fr Gerald Vann OP of the letters of Bl. Jordan to Bl. Diana, the former Master of the Order, Fr Carlos Azpiroz Costa OP said that "these letters... are a pearl of Dominican spirituality [which] show how it is possible for divine charity to transform human hearts with warm and fraternal love. If religious life were not to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, what would be its value? We have taken up the adventure of the Lord's call so as to love more and not less".