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    address books
  • (address book) A feature of some email applications that stores names and email addresses in an accessible format.
  • (Address Book) A database in which email addresses are stored for individuals and groups that you correspond with, each labeled with an easy to remember nickname. You may have a personal address book within your email client and through your web-based mailbox.
  • (Address Book (application)) Address Book is an address book for Apple's Mac OS X. It features various syncing features and integrations into the rest of the OS.
    for sale
  • purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"
  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.
address books for sale address books for sale - DVO Cook'n
DVO Cook'n Deluxe 6.0 - Ultimate Recipe Organizer
DVO Cook'n Deluxe 6.0 - Ultimate Recipe Organizer
Enjoy home cookin' in just minutes.Over 20 years ago Miriam Loo founded the Current Test Kitchen and developed hundreds of delicious dishes. In the tradition of good taste and healthy living she offers hundreds of her personally tested treats in Cook'n Deluxe.Ms. Loo first introduced her recipes into the Current line by including them on simple note cards and calendars.Now with just a click of your mouse you too can enjoy all the favorites from Ms. Loo and Current's Kitchen on the Cook'n Deluxe CD.Cook'n's puter cookbook makes entertaining a snap. Simply select the number of guests you will be serving and enter it into your favorite Current recipe. Cook'n calculates the new ingredient amounts for you. No more measuring madness! What's more a simple and easy-to-learn drag and drop selection system allows you to pile weekly and monthly menus full of Ms. Loo's most delectable dishes.Have a special occasion or evening guests? Prepare the delectable Rosemary Chicken dish. Or savor a rich Raspberry Truffle dessert. The Cook'n Deluxe CD has everything you need to make mealtime memorable.6000 recipesSystem Requirements:Pentium processor or better Windows 95/98/2000/NT 8 MB RAM 2x CD-ROM drive 60 MB HD spaceFormat: WIN 9598MENT2000XP Genre: REFERENCE / LIFESTYLE Age: 615029000346 UPC: 615029000346

Cook'n Deluxe offers over 6,000 recipes and a host of features to make entertaining easier. Simply select the number of guests you will be serving and enter it into your favorite recipe. Cook'n calculates the new ingredient amounts for you. And a simple and drag-and-drop selection system allows you to compile weekly and monthly menus.
You can also search thousands of recipes in seconds. Enter the ingredients you have on hand, and the software will produce appropriate recipe choices. Or use the Recipe Browser feature to page through pictures of finished dishes to look for ideas. Download new recipes every week from the DVO Web site and import recipes from other Web sites or other cooking software.
The Recipe Manager allows you to add your own recipes, adjust recipe serving sizes, and print recipes on 3-by-5 cards. Quick-Fill editing does much of the typing for you. Menu planning instructions teach you how to cut preparation time in half by using dovetailing techniques when preparing your menus. The Grocery Shopping Assistant compiles your family's shopping list automatically, organizes shopping list items by aisle, converts to package sizes (i.e., tablespoon tomato paste to 8-ounce cans), and calculates your grocery cost. The PersonalHome Nutritionist analyzes the nutritional elements of recipes and menus, and lets you choose between brands to satisfy dietary needs. Cook'n has nutrition facts from the labels of 10,000 food products so you can plan menus based on dietary needs and tastes.

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#6 FOR SALE Susan Boulet Original Oil Pastel Painting: King Lear & The Fool
#6 FOR SALE Susan Boulet Original Oil Pastel Painting: King Lear & The Fool
This is a photo of our family's Susan Boulet oil pastel painting--not a print!--of Shakespeare's King Lear (the Fool is not included in this pic). We are currently selling it on eBay. For more details (and photos), go to, type in "Susan Boulet King Lear," and it will pop up. (I would have provided a URL, but Flickr doesn't allow web addresses.) Description: Our family met Susan Boulet in Oakland, California back in the mid-70's when Susan would open her home to people interested in her artwork. This painting was done in oil pastel that she bought from Holland, as their colors were more vivid. We have hung it proudly in our household ever since. We hope whoever buys this gorgeous painting will care and admire it as much as we have over the years. This painting (encased in its original wood frame) is not a reproduction, nor can it be found for sale anywhere else. As far as we can tell, no pictures of it can be found in any of the Susan Boulet books, calendars, postcards, necklaces, posters, puzzles, etc. IT IS ONE OF KIND! It features Shakespeare's King Lear in solemn repose, lost in distant thoughts. He is adorned in a flowing white and gold robe; a crown of weeds and wild flowers rests upon his head of white hair. In his left hand, he holds a single flower. At King Lear's side, the Fool, donned in a colorful jester costume, gazes up at him with his arm extended. The Fool has given King Lear the flower. The black background contains a smatter of stars and the moon. It is signed "Susan Seddon Boulet Aug 76." This imagery comes from Act IV, Scene 6 when King Lear is losing his mind and philosophizing about life. Dimensions: Frame -- 21 inch x 20.5 inch x 3/4 inch Painting -- 10 1/4 inch x 10 1/4 inch Because this painting and frame is delicate, it will be wrapped in a special container used by moving companies to ensure that it will not break during transit. The shipment will be made once I receive the payment via PayPal--and PayPal only. Domestic shipping inside the US will be paid by us, and is therefore FREE. It will be sent via 1-day Express Mail. International shipping is also FREE. The painting will be sent via Priority Mail International. International customers may have to pay for possible customs taxes (please check with your customs office to see if it applies).
address books for sale
The Right Address: A Novel
The Right Address sears through the upper crust of New York’s glittering Park Avenue scene to dish the dirt on the ladies who lunch, the gents who club, and the desperate climbers who will stop at nothing to join the backstabbing, champagne-sipping, socialite-eat-socialite stratosphere.

When Melanie Sartomsky, wily Floridian flight attendant, snares billionaire divorcée Arthur “the coffin king” Korn, she is catapulted into the crème de la crème of Park Avenue society, where hiring the wrong decorator is tantamount to social suicide, and where, if you’re anyone, your personal assistant has a personal assistant. But Melanie quickly discovers that in the world of the rich and idle, malicious gossip is as de rigeur as owning twenty pairs of Manolo Blahniks. And despite her frenzied plunge into the charity circuit and the right dinner reservations, her neighbors are Givenchy-clad vultures who see her as nothing more than a reinvented trailer trollop. To make matters worse, when a snide society-rag journalist rakes her over the coals, Melanie’s reputation is toast.

Meanwhile, Melanie is not the only billionaire in the neighborhood coming unhinged. Kleptomania, adultery, plagiarism, and a grisly Harlem sex murder are just a few of the secrets swirling under the pedigreed patina of furs and emeralds on Park Avenue.

Written by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman, childhood friends who met at one of New York's most elite prep schools, The Right Address seeks to expose the cruel and wicked ways of the top echelon of the Park Avenue crowd. Peppered with seemingly unbelievable accounts of social-climbing at its worst, the characters in this novel glide from party to party, relishing every possible chance to destroy each other's reputation while simultaneously air-kissing one another. The story revolves around Melanie Sartomsky, a former airline stewardess who is thrust into the world of shatoosh parties ("they make cashmere feel like emery boards") and Narcolepsy benefits after she marries Arthur Korn, a billionaire who found his fortune in funeral homes. As Melanie tries to adjust to her new life, the authors expose us to the darker side of high society--steamy affairs between CEOs and their custodial staff, salacious scandals in Harlem flophouses, and a discreet arrangement between a kleptomaniac's husband and Tiffany, where this pedigreed socialite enjoys pocketing the wares.
A prime example of the Gossip Lit genre, which began its ascent after The Nanny Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada hit the scene, The Right Address could have been an amusing, albeit extreme, expose of the lives of the rich and well, rich. However, the unsteady cadence of the novel, coupled with the absence of any real human emotion, turn this effort into simply one nasty gossip session after another. The reader never feels invested in any of the many characters, and even when our heroine comes to her senses, there's no real sense of relief or delight. So while the tell-all nature of the book may make it hard to put down, the only real joy lies in the fact it ends quickly. --Gisele Toueg