I joined the University of Alaska Anchorage Civil Engineering Department in January 2010 as an Assistant Professor with an Environmental Engineering focus. Since that time I have been actively teaching and conducting research regarding environmental and engineering processes involving water and wastewater.  

In Spring 2012, I was appointed as an Affiliate Professor in the Water Environment Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This collaboration will bridge two of the University of Alaska campuses through the study of drinking water, wastewater, industrial water, and natural water research.

My full curriculum vitae (resume) is available herein.

This research is being conducted in the Environmental Quality Laboratory for Natural and Engineered Systems (EQLNES) located in the Engineering building on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.

The research is carried out by a number of great students at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Brief biographies and descriptions of their research can be found on the EQLNES Research page.

research focus of the EQLNES Laboratory includes:

Selected Funded Research
  • Practical applications of advanced wastewater treatment
  • Utilization and treatment of industrial wastewater
  • Innovative treatment technologies to provide high quality water to small communities (focus on Biochar)
  • Occurrence and source tracking of triazols in urban cold climates
  • Using Copper Isotopes to Evaluate Corrosion in Water and Wastewater Systems  (near completion)
  • Open-Source Remote Sensors for Small and Developing Communities (on-going)
  • Integrated UV/Ceramic Membrane Unit Process Development (on-going)
Unfunded Research
  • Identification of source and character of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in natural and engineered systems.
  • Determining the impact of global climate change on DOM input into the environment from industrial processes in the arctic environment
  • Formation and control of disinfection by-products during water treatment
  • Identification of unintended consequences of advanced process sequences during drinking water and wastewater treatment (focusing on advanced oxidation processes with ultraviolet light)
  • Cataloging rural water quality in Alaska
I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses to Civil Engineering and Applied Environmental Science and Technology students.

I am a mentor for the University of Alaska Anchorage
Engineers without Borders (EWB) chapter. The chapter is currently working with the Rhema Grace Orphanage in Cameroon, Africa.

When not in the classroom or the lab, I am outside playing or working on our house.

**Do you want to pursue a master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering or Applied Environmental Science and Technology?  Don't pass up the opportunity to spend approximately 2 years in beautiful Anchorage, AK and gain an graduate degree.  If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me (contact information above).