Architectural Standards

The Architectural Standards Committee

Mission Statement: To administer and enforce the architectural standards of Addison Place as established by the ASC and approved by the APHOA Board of Directors, for the mutual benefit of all homeowners in the development.

The A.S.C. members are homeowners and volunteers. The goal is to provide improved inspection procedures, manage the approval process for homeowners to make changes to the exterior of their homes and protect the integrity & property values in a competitive housing market.

Your APHOA Board approved 12 exterior color palettes. These colors help to brighten up our community and bring our home exteriors a little more up to date. All of the previously approved exterior colors are still acceptable.

Before painting the exterior of your home, please review the following guidelines:
1.Submit your color choices, from the approved palettes, to the Architectural Standards Committee for review. This will prevent you from making a costly mistake.
2.Brick siding and stucco are not to be painted.
3.Replacing wood trim boards with stucco patching is not allowed.
4.Front doors are no longer required to have a decorative glass window.
5.Wood trim, gutters, and downspouts must be painted in the same approved color.
6.The garage door color no longer has to match trim color, but has to be from the same color palette.
7.Fences may either be stained wood or painted to match downspouts and wood trim.
8.Front doors may either be stained or painted with a color from an approved color palette. The front door color no longer has to match the trim color, but has to be from the same color palette.

Visit the Document Center for a look at the color choices and more details on painting options. You can also pick up the Olympic Exterior Paint brochure at any Lowe’s.Work within one color palette, and present your plan to the ASC for review and approval.


Homeowners have a forum of fellow homeowners on the committee to contact with questions about their repairs. We can listen to your concerns and help with solutions. The hearing process defined by the Covenants & Restrictions will still be in place for any issues outside of our area of responsibility.

The committee divided the neighborhood into four quadrants, and will inspect all of the houses in each quadrant at the same time. The independent inspector will compile a list of all repairs needed at each home. The owner will then be notified in writing and will have adequate time to make all of the repairs. We believe it could be more economical to consolidate the repairs and reduce the number of contractor calls.

Please feel free to be proactive in making repairs before the inspections! Don't forget, any additions or changes to the exteriors of your homes which are not defined in the architectural standards must be approved by the ASC. Approvals will not be unreasonably witheld.

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