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posted Feb 20, 2017, 8:12 AM by shea tergerson

Dear Addison Place Resident/Homeowner,

Addison Place Homeowners' Association provides a bi-monthly bulletin to inform residents /homeowners of the happenings, information and developments in our neighborhood. This bulletin augments our website:

 ü  It is time for the re-inspection of the homes that were repaired, painted and flaws corrected after last fall’s Architectural Standards inspection. Re-inspections should begin February 15 to confirm repair, painting and corrected flaws.

ü  The Town of Addison has notified Addison Place that its 30-plus-year-old sprinkler and swimming pool systems need updating. Seven double-check/backflow devices are required to be replaced and/or installed to have Addison Place sprinkler and swimming pool water systems in compliance. Winstead Plumbing Co. of Garland is currently bringing Addison Place in compliance with the Town’s ordinances. The cost is approximately $7,000.

ü  Please know our website: has recently added under the “News” section the Addison’s and our surrounding communities’ informational, what’s-going-on and in-the-know website addresses.

ü  Following a reminder letter to some homeowners this past month: “rear garage light is not working”, a concern was expressed about the motion-detecting lights over the garage doors affecting the light coming inside the home. The homeowner would like to change the rule governing lighting for our streets and not have to power (turn-the-switch-on) the motion-detecting lights over the garages. Over the next 45 days please express your opinion to this concern by emailing with subject line: “motion-detecting lights” Be sure to include your house number and street name in the email. We’ll have results in the next bulletin.

A Tip of the Hat to homeowner Erik Ouimette for stepping up and calling Addison Police Thursday 2/2/17 when the largest stone at the Westgrove entrance was apparently dragged at the start of rush hour into the northbound lane of Westgrove from its’ decorative position in the flower bed by some unknown method (possibly a large truck leaving Addison Place). It was too heavy for Erik or any single person to move it out of the traffic path. Once two police officers arrived, Erik, a passing bicyclist and the two officers were able to wobble it up on the curb and out of the roadway. By Friday afternoon 2/3/17, our management company, SNL, had returned the stone to its’ decorative position in the flower bed. All is well, today!

ü  Monthly meetings of the Addison Place Homeowners Association are scheduled for the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Club House.