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Community Policy


The Town of Addison ordinance requires a leash and that you clean up after your pet. When walking your pet in the neighborhood consider others and carry plastic bags to scoop up waste and dispose in a trashcan. Visit the park north of the property where you can meet other dog owners and give your pet room to play. Teach children to be responsible pet owners and show them how to pick up after thier pets and keep them on a leash.

The Clubhouse and Pool

The Addison Place clubhouse and pool area is one of the special benefits of our neighborhood and you are encouraged to enjoy both as an Addison Place resident. Please observe the posted rules around the pool area and if you are interested in reserving the clubhouse for social events contact Craig Lengyel. There is a $200 refundable deposit required along with a rental fee of $25. Community wide events approved by the Board do not require a rental fee to use the clubhouse.


Please be advised that the streets (alleys) in Addison Place are subject to the laws and ordinances of the Town of Addison. For example, you can get a ticket from the Addison Police for parking a vehicle in front of your garage. This is considered illegal parking on a municipal street. Each home in Addison Place does have a double garage and a third parking space to keep vehicles off the street.

Visitor Parking is for visitors only. A person whose home address is not in Addison Place is considered a visitor. Persons living in Addison Place without another residence address are considered a resident, and not a visitor, no matter how short their period of residence at Addison Place may be. Visitor's vehicles may be parked in visitor parking spaces for a maximum of three days. Homeowners may apply for a permit that authorizes parking beyond the three-day limit. You may email your request to Craig Lengyel.

Homeowner’s vehicles that are parked in visitor parking spaces, except for incidental parking lasting no more than a few hours, will be subject to towing at the owners expense. No RV's, trailers or boats will be allowed in visitor parking without written permission from the Board.