Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Reviews

fisher paykel refrigerator reviews
    fisher paykel
  • Fisher & Paykel is a major appliance manufacturing company based in East Tamaki, New Zealand.
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Day 136 - She told me so
Day 136 - She told me so
One of the first things Sheelagh said to me when she looked more closely at the new washer and dryer was, "hey, these things are all computerized. Doesn't that mean they'll break sooner? What kind of warranty did we get?" Well, last night I tried to start a load - the very first load - and it beeped at me and displayed an error message. "Fault code 9 - contact customer support." WTF? It's brand new and they guy who delivered/installed it had it working! I called Fisher & Paykel customer support for help. (I will say that it's incredibly nice to work with a company based out of New Zealand - the accent really goes a long way to making the customer support agent sound polite and helpful. ;-P) Long call short, she had no clue what a fault code 9 meant. However, she managed to find it right before she gave me the numbers of local service reps. She informed me it meant some setting hadn't yet been set. She tried to instruct me to push some combination of buttons to get it set, but we had no luck. In the end she suggested I call back in the morning to talk to tech support to have them walk me through it. This morning before work I called back, and was met with much the same as the previous night. "Fault code 9? WTF, mate?" She gave me the numbers of local service providers. Before she clicked off, I explained my previous conversation, and she put me on hold to talk to a techie. When she came back, she had the answer. The size setting wasn't set. In order to set it, I had to unplug the machine from the wall, wait a minute, plug it back in and then hold the left scroll button and high efficiency button until the size setting screen popped up. Once it did, I chose the correct size, powered off and on, and I was off to the races. Huzzah! So now you'll know - if you encounter a fault code 9 when trying to use your new Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart clothes washer, just refer back to this page. :-)
Old World Charm 2
Old World Charm 2
In this Snyder, NY home, the challenge was to include the customers wish list of appliances with plenty of storage and work space. The stainless steel Viking Range, Frigidaire Refrigerator, Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer fit perfectly. The LEGACY cabinets by BERTCH include a wonderfully dramatic cherry-rose stain. Location: Artisan Kitchens and Baths, Buffalo, NY

fisher paykel refrigerator reviews