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Ammonia Refrigeration Design

ammonia refrigeration design
    ammonia refrigeration
  • An absorption refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a heat source (e.g., solar, kerosene-fueled flame) to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling system.
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Reflecting on a semester gone by...
Reflecting on a semester gone by...
What a whirlwind of a semester. 14 church services 13 Student Engineers' Council meetings 10 midterm exams 10 Aspen simulation workshops 6 chemical engineering courses 5 interviews 5 presentations made (3 unit operations, 1 bone graft substitute materials, and 1 ammonia refrigeration hazard/risk analysis) 4 unit operations laboratory reports 4 new cds 3 football games 3 book club meetings 3 Christmas trees :-) 2 final exams 2 basketball games 2 trips home to Corpus 2 horse riding outings 1 Texas A&M equestrian meet 1 new roommate :-) 1 new fish (Bartholomew a.k.a. Barth) 1 finals care package from ConocoPhillips 1 Breakaway 1 Engineering Day at the Mall 1 Chris Rice concert 1 ice skating night 1 barbecue afternoon 1 movie watched (The Final Season - awesome) 1 plant design team formed 1 new full-time job upon graduating in May...
Frankfort, MI -- 2008, Cherry Plant
Frankfort, MI -- 2008, Cherry Plant
This perhaps brought back the happiest memories to me. This is the cherry plant my Dad did the refrigeration engineering on, and that brought us to start vacationing as a family in Frankfort. I can still vividly recall him taking me on a tour of the place as construction was nearing its end, and seeing all the evaporators, the industrial compressors, and so forth. You can still see the ammonia return line coming out of the warehouse wall and making a sort-of 90-degree descent into the compressor room, just the way my Dad designed and oversaw its installation 43 years ago. And it all still works like brand new.

ammonia refrigeration design