The Libyan Environment and it's Regulation

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These internet pages are dedicated to informing companies and organisations about the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya's environment and its regulation.

The majority of visitors to my site are looking for Legislation, departmental guidance, and policy documents. 

To make your life easier, I've made the documents listed below available for download:

  • Environmental Law No. 15 Environmental Improvement and Protection (replaced Law No.7)
  • Antiquities Law
  • NOC Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Seismic Operations
  • NOC Environmental Considerations for Drilling Muds and Cuttings
  • Petroleum Regulation No. 1
  • Petroleum Regulation No. 8
  • Petroleum Regulation No. 9
  • Law on Labour Relations
  • Law on the Environment 1982 (now superceded by law No 15)
  • Libyan Petroleum Law - amended 2002
  • Libyan Model E&P Agreement for O&G

If you have digital copies or updated versions of any legislative documents, please send them to me for listing on this site.

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