Christmas Wreath Cake

1 white cake mix

ingredients called for on the box

red and green food coloring

1 (12 oz) container whipped white frosting

Red Colored Sugar

Prepare cake mix as instructed on back of box.  Divide half the batter between two small bowls.  Tint one of the small bowls of batter with green food coloring and the other with red food coloring.  Pour half of the remaining, untinted, batter into the bottom of a bundt pan that has been liberally coated with baking spray.  Carefully pour the red batter over the plain in the pan, followed by the green batter and finally topped with the remaining white batter.  Carefully, so as to not mix the colors, place the bundt into the oven and bake per the directions on the back of the box.  Remove to a wire rack to cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan and allowing to cool completely.

Divide the container of frosting into 2 small microwave safe bowls.  Microwave one bowl for 5-10 seconds, stir and drizzle over the cooled cake that has been placed on a serving dish.  Microwave the second bowl for 5-10 seconds, tint with the green food coloring and drizzle over the cake.  Sprinkle with red colored sugar.