Program and Schedule


Anand Bhalgat, Jon Feldman, and Vahab Mirrokni: 

Online Allocation of Display Ads with Smooth Delivery

Patrick Jordan, Mohammad Mahdian, Sergei Vassilvitskii, and Erik Vee:

The Multiple Attribution Problem in Pay-Per Conversion Advertising

Yuval Emek, Michal Feldman, Iftah Gamzu, and Moshe Tennenholtz: 

Revenue Maximization in Probabilistic Single-Item Auctions via Signaling




Invited talk by Jonathan Levin

Learning from Seller Experiments in Online Markets.


Susan Athey and Maya Cohen-Meidan: 

Exchange Rate Fluctuations, Consumer Demand, and Advertising: The Case of Internet Search

Eric Sodomka, Sebastien Lahaie, and Dustin Hillard:

A Hierarchical Model for Value Estimation in Sponsored Search

Yang Sun, Yunhong Zhou, and Xiaotie Deng: 

Optimal Reserve Prices in Weighted GSP Auctions: Theory and Experimental Methodology

Andrew Stocking: Bidder Subsidies in Adword Auctions and Search Engine Revenue.



Invited talk by Muthu Muthukrishnan: How to Auction Data?



Asaph Arnon and Yishay Mansour: Repeated Budgeted Second Price Ad Auction

Brendan Lucier, Renato Paes Leme, and Eva Tardos: 

On Revenue in the Generalized Second Price Auction

Sebastien Lahaie and Preston McAfee:Efficient Ranking in Sponsored Search

Zsolt Katona and Yi Zhu: Quality Score that Makes You Invest

4:20PM - 5:30PM


New directions in Internet Monetization: A panel consisting of Ashish Goel (Stanford/Twitter), Vijay Kumar (Principal Scientist at Groupon), and Kang-Xing Jin (Director of Ads Engineering, Facebook), who will discuss monetization challenges faced by their respective companies.

Ashish Goel will review Twitter's current products and monetization philosophy, and then describe some of the advertiser case studies from Twitter. Finally, he will describe some of the technical and algorithmic challenges Twitter faces going forward.

Vijay Kumar will present a practitioner's perspective on issues related to effective monetization and traffic acquisition, in the context of internet retail. Intermediation and arbitrage on the web take some complex forms beyond sponsored search. He will discuss some of the new challenges that arise, in targeting, incentive structures and other areas. 

Kang-Xing Jin will be talking about the future of advertising on Facebook, covering Sponsored Stories ( and some of the 
challenges unique to social advertising.