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About the Restore Contacts:

Restore Contacts is a small VB tool to extract contacts out of Nokia BackUp files (.nbu files) in the form of vCards.

I goosed my mobile. It was slow so thought of formatting it, i took back up using Nokia PC Suite®, and then formatted my Symbian Phone. Then tried to restore the backup, it restores every thing except contactsJ  

 I tried Noki. It is a great tool but not doing what i wanted. I can view whole backed up data but i can not transfer it to my phone. 

After looking in to .nbu file i got a hope that I can write my own tool to extract the details. I also found that Nokia Contacts Editor needs a linefeed + carriage return char combination at the end of the vcf file.

Now I am able to transfer vcf files to my phoneJ.. Hurrey…