Analog Clock


Download Analog Clock

1. AnalogClock v2.0.1

2. AnalogClock v1.5.5

3. AnalogClock v1.0.2

Analog Clock is a nice little app, developed in VC++ in my effort to learn VC++.  I got inspired by this Raymond's blog entry (disclaimer: whatever he says do not establish the official position of Microsoft Corporation. Recommendations and advice are those of the author)

Now I have a basic version with the following features:



1. A nice (that’s what i feel) calendar is added. Double click on the clock to Open it.
2. Some small bugs (color information not saved sometimes) fixed


1.Skinning feature added, to have a new skin replace the analogclcok.bmp in skin folder
2.Line drawing algorithm updated. Now lines are drawn with WU antialiasing technique, giving more smooth appeal.
3.Color choosing option added, now you can choose different color for  individual parts of the clock.
4.Some Bugs were fixed


1.Basic floating window with time, day of the week and date.
2.Smooth movement for second hand mimicking mechanical clock.
3.A nice transparent background where in background of the clock is see through but the time and clock hands are opaque.
4.Translucency is supported on machines with Windows 2000 and above.