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Popular Toys For 2 Year Old Girls

popular toys for 2 year old girls
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Ok, I have been tagged so many times again so I guess I'll give you ten facts AGAIN!!! Muahahahhahaha! 1. Every single time I eat something sweet, especially cake, I then have to eat a couple bites of something spicy or salty. There constantly has to be a balance. 2. About three years ago, I saw a modeling contest in one of my Cosmogirl's and I decided to enter it just to be stupid. Well, I actually got called and was asked to come to Florida to talk to some agents. So for about six months, my mom talked to all kinds of people, and we did a phone conference with other girls that were asked, but once they started asking for all kinds of money, I decided I didn't want to go. 3. They say that the most common dream that people have is their teeth falling out. I find that weird because I have NEVER had that dream in my life. My most common dream I have is the apocolypse, and in every single one, I have been "left behind" and have to fight the battle of tribulation. 4. I think flowers stink. I never understood when people would smell a flower, make a noise of enjoyment, and then stuff the flower up my nose and say "SMELL HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS!!" Some flowers don't smell as bad as others, but most just smell like cold water to me. 5. I'll never get bored of Tetris. :) 6. I think that dough, especially biscuit dough, looks more appetizing than the bread/biscuit itself. I've just never been brave enough to try it. 7. Remember when Pokemon was really popular and everyone carried around cards? Well... I was one of those kids that had the cards and would push the desks together and "battle" with them. I LOVED Pokemon and was an epic card collector. I still think that the old Pokemon style is cool, but it has been ruined with them adding more characters. :P 8. Speaking of that, just recently, I went and watched a bunch of 90s toy commercials and cried remembering those days. 9. I can't sing. AT ALL. Nothing beautiful comes from my singing. Not only do I not have the voice for it, but I just can't carry a darn tune. My voice constantly cracks or sounds like I'm holding my nose. I still like singing to my steering wheel though! :D 10. I don't think I'm gonna do another one of these, no matter how many times I've been tagged.
In memoriam, Lisa Matsumoto "Christmas Gift of Aloha" play
In memoriam, Lisa Matsumoto "Christmas Gift of Aloha" play
Lisa Matsumoto (1964 – 2007) award-winning Honolulu playwright and performer, a staple in local Honolulu keiki (children’s) theater and prolific in the literature community has lost a valuable contributor on December 14,2007. Lisa was a popular children’s author and playwright writing of "local" characters who spoke pidgin English, and for the past four years she thrilled crowds at Ala Moana center stage with "Christmas Gift of Aloha". But how she died will probably become central to the overall message people ultimately find in her life and probably not the legacy she planned to leave. As the saying goes, it only takes a moment to destroy what you've worked to establish all your life. At 3:30am on December 14, 2007 Lisa selfishly and recklessly choose to get behind the wheel of her car drunk with acute alcohol intoxication (3 times the legal limit), driving on the wrong side of the H1 (Interstate) freeway; a freeway she had been driving for 20 plus years, passing numerous on-coming cars, and still forging ahead, colliding head on in to a car driven by a mother of two young children. Matsumoto was pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital. Matsumoto brought so much joy to local children and ironically because of Matsumoto’s own actions, such profound sadness and terror for 2 young children (8 and 4 years old) whose mother lay hospitalized in serious condition, with a surgical rod in her leg, pins in her ankles, and her scalp stapled to her head. Lisa Matsumoto RIP

popular toys for 2 year old girls
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