Hot Toys Batmobile

hot toys batmobile
  • The Batmobile is the automobile of DC Comics superhero Batman. The car has evolved along with the character from comic books to television and films.
  • (Batmobiling) Putting up an emotional shield just as a relationship enters that intimate, vulnerable stage. Refers to the retractable armor covering the Batmobile.
  • Batmobile is a Dutch psychobilly band from Rotterdam and Breda that had its start in 1983. They are one of the best selling acts in psychobilly and they are the only psychobilly band that is still active in their original line up.
    hot toys
  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

Yea the Batmobile needs a serious restoration. Note the poor paint & bondo in the large view. The Batmobile built for and used in the 1966... See More–1968 live action television show Batman and its film adaptation was a customized vehicle that originated as a one-off Ford concept car of the 1950s. The TV Batmobile was based on the Lincoln Futura Show Car, originally created by William M. Schmidt and his design team at the Lincoln Styling Department; its rakish lines are said to have been inspired by the mako shark and the manta ray. In 1954 the Futura prototype was built entirely by hand by the Ghia Body Works in Turin, Italy at a reported cost of US$250,000; it was unveiled in its original pearlescent Frost-Blue white paint finish on 8 January 1955 at the Chicago Auto Show.[11] In 1959, sporting a fresh red paint job, the Futura was featured in the film It Started with a Kiss, starring Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford. In late 1965 20th Century Fox Television and William Dozier's Greenway Productions contracted renowned Hollywood car customizer Dean Jeffries to design and build a "Batmobile" for their upcoming Batman TV series. He started customizing a 1959 Cadillac, but when the studio wanted the program on the air in January 1966, and therefore filming sooner than he could provide the car, Jeffries was paid off, and the project went to Barris.[12] Barris had somehow already come into possession of the Futura, which had been parked behind his Hollywood shop for several years. With only three weeks to finish the Batmobile (although in recent years Jeffries says that his car was dropped because he was told it was needed in "a week and a half"[13], he was quoted in 1988 as saying "three weeks"[14] as well), Barris decided that, rather than building a car from scratch, it would be relatively easy to transform the distinctive Futura into the famous crime-fighting vehicle. Design work was conducted by Herb Grasse, working as an associate designer for Barris. Barris hired Bill Cushenberry to do the metal modifications to the car and its conversion into the Batmobile was completed in just three weeks, at a reported cost of US$30,000. Barris retained ownership of the car and leased it back to 20th Century Fox and Greenway Productions for use in the series. The estimated 1966 value of the Barris Batmobile was about $125,000, but today it is estimated to be worth at least US$2 million.[15] In December 1965 Ford sold the Futura to Barris; despite its huge original production cost—the equivalent of approximately US$2 million in 2009[16] -- Barris was able to purchase the vehicle for the nominal sum of $1.00 and "other valuable consideration".[17] When filming for the series began, several problems arose due to the age of the car: it overheated, the battery went dead, and the expensive Mickey Thompson tires kept blowing. By mid season, the engine and transmission were replaced with a Ford Galaxie's. The most frequent visual influence of this car is that later Batmobiles usually have a rear rocket thruster that fires as the car makes a fast start. [edit] Technical specifications * Curb weight: 5500 lb * Wheelbase: 129 in * Length: 230 in * Width: 90 in * Height: 48 in * Fins: 84 in * Engine: 390 in?, V-8 (so-called "atomic turbine") * Transmission: B&M Hydro Automatic (2nd transmission) Barris built two fiberglass copies of the original Batmobile for exhibition on the car show circuit and a third for exhibition drag racing. Eventually, the three copies were covered with a black velvet "fuzz" paint, presumably to hide stress cracks in the fiberglass bodies. Later, all three were restored to their gloss black paint job. The three ... See Morereplicas are all based on a 1965–1966 Ford Galaxie. Barris has retained ownership of the original television series car, which is currently on display at Barris Customs in North Hollywood, California. The three Barris copies all reside in private collections,
Hot Toys Batman and Joker
Hot Toys Batman and Joker
I'll be getting the Hot Toys Batmobile tumbler soon... which will be awesome and Huge!!!! I'm gonna put both Batman and the Joker in it.... hehe

hot toys batmobile
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