Program Orson Description

Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1
Brooklyn, New York
Doors open at 7:15 pm
7:30 pm audience warm-up
8:00 pm performances
$10 pre-sales
$15 at the door
tickets via CPR and brown paper bag tickets
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Participating Artists
 EUROPE: Mojca Majcen (Slovenia), Michael Green (Slovenia) EAST COAST: (Alex)andra Taylor Dance, Anri Nakano, Barbara Mahler, ArtBark International - Trina Mannino & Joanna Nobbe, Marcos Duran, The Raving Jaynes,  Valerie Green - Dance Entropy WEST COAST: ArtBark International – Stephen and Misa Kelly, Rubans Rouge Dance Company, Hart Pulse Dance Company
EAST COAST:   Fred Hatt, Jillian Bernstein, KIMCHIKIM, Masha Braslavsky, Michael Alan, Susan M Berkowitz
WEST COAST: Dylan & Friends
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7:30 pm Pre-Show
Audience Warm-Up: Draw, Write, Move
concept by Misa Kelly
Prior to entering the space the audience/spectators/witnesses will be afforded the opportunity to be "smudged" if they so choose with sage gathered in Refugio Canyon in California.  Smudger will be Monica Robles. Additionally guides Trina Mannino, Marcos Duran, and Kristen Hatleberg will be on hand for writing, drawing, and movment prompts to help the audience prepare for the evening of performances.   An installation of drawings by Dylan & Friends  will be installed by Misa Kelly and Monica Robles.   The film Dancing on My Daddies Grave by Bill Bryn Russell featuring Rainbow Underhill will also be shown in this space.   Trina Mannino  will invite the first 20 takers to respond in gesture/movement with the moment captured with a Polaroid camera.
LIFE DRAWING SCORE - ,co-created by Fred Hatt, Mariko Crane, Misa Kelly
West Coast multi – disciplinary artist Misa Kelly and Japanese Butoh Dancer Mariko Reynolds will “perform” a 2 hour life drawing score generated in collaboration with Fred Hatt for select visual artists residing in NYC. The event will occur 6-8 in the theater space as a means of energizing and informing the performance space. The last 20 minutes of the session the doors will open and the spectator/audience/witnesses are encouraged to try their hand at sketching as a means of warming up for the evening’s performances.
The session will be monitored by Fred Hatt.

When the performances begin the visual artists will install select creations in the hallways of CPR for the audience to view at intermission and after the performance
Participating Visual Artists
& one artist that wishes to remain anonymous
Special thanks to Fred Hatt for selecting the visual artists for this event.

8:05 Performances

1st half

Title: Just Be Imaginative

Anri Nakano - Japan (New York)
Choreography, Performance and Costume by: Anri Nakano 
Music by: "Sunday Night Just Keep on Rolling" by Múm, "One Minute" by The Album Leaf, "Tenohira Wo Taiyo Ni" by tokyo jido gassho dan, "Marmalade Fires" by Múm 
It was warm and nice inside the "house of umbrellas". I was happy that I created a new little world just for myself. 

Title: Coeur de Verre 
Rubans Rouges Dance Company - Los Angeles, CA USA 
Choreographer: Noelle Andressen ∞ Performance by: Noelle Andressen and Nick Reed ∞ Costumes by: Noelle Andressen ∞ Music by: Zoe Keating 
A passionate driving piece that delves into being able to trust someone once they have been betrayed. 

Title: Alma 
ArtBark International - Brooklyn, New York USA, Santa Barbara, California USA Celje, Slovenia EUROPE 
A collaborative and co-creative process 
Choreography and Music: Stephen and Misa Kelly ∞ Dramaturgy: Marijan Pušavec ∞ Performance by: Mojca Majcen and Misa Kelly ∞ Costumes by: the Company 
with thanks to the Dragon's Egg Studio ( in Mystic, CT for the space and time to develop this work May 19 – May 29, 2013. 

At the time the program information was due ArtBark International had yet to begin the rehearsal process for this work. The point of departure for inspiration for Marijan and Mojca is the life of famed Slovenian world traveller, writer, collector and adventurer Alma Karlin. The point of departure for inspiration for Stephen and Misa is being present with the process and going with the flow of the art that seeks to emerge. Some of the movement vocabulary was derived from improvisation sessions in Santa Barbara with West Coast ArtBarker Cecily Stewart – thanks Cecily!

Title: "Exit to Wonderland" Parts 2 & 3
Marcos Duran Performance Group - Brooklyn, NY USA 
Choreographer: Marcos Duran ∞ Performance by: Randy Burd, Marcos Duran, Amy Moore, Joanna Nobbe ∞ Costumes: The Dancers ∞ Music: John Adams, “The Chairman Dances" 
An exploration of emotional and physical extremes alongside a sweeping music score of surges and sways. 


Slovenia, Celje EUROPE New York, New York USA
Concept: Michael Green ∞ Choreographers: Valerie Green, Mojca Majcen ∞ Performance by: Valerie Green, Mojca Majcen, Michael Green ∞ Costumes: Valerie Green, Mojca Majcen, Michael Green 

Music: The Autumn Song, BABILON by Bregovic
The keel of the White Star liner Titanic was laid down at the Harland Wolff shipyards, Belfast in 1919. She was launched on May 31, 1919 and sailed on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on April 10, 1912 On the fifth day after the voyage began at 11.40 pm on Sunday April 14th she hit an iceberg and was badly damaged Of the 2204 passengers and crew 712 escaped in 16 lifeboats. 3 passengers from a small country of Slovenia ( at that point a part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia ) survived on the saving boat Nr. 241.496 people died We will never hear their personal stories... 

Title: Mini Rave 
Name of Dance Company: The Raving Jaynes - New York, New York USA 
Choreographers: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham ∞ Performance by: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham 
Costumes by: Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham ∞ Music by: Chosen at the time of the performance 
Using techniques from both dance and comedy improvisation, The Raving Jaynes will spontaneously create a piece of highly physical dance/theater. Nothing is choreographed, nothing is scripted! 


View Visual artists creations!

Performances resume with

Title: Recall is Never Replay
ArtBark International - Brooklyn, New York USA, Santa Barbara, California USA Celje, Slovenia EUROPE 
A collaborative and co-creative process 
Choreographer: Trina Mannino ∞ Performance by: Misa and Stephen Kelly ∞ Costumes by: Misa and Stephen Kelly 
Recall is Never Replay explores a couple's daily routine from each of their perspectives while revealing multiple variations of a single memory. The different recollections pose challenges for the couple, but eventually brings them closer together." 

Title: Moki’s Wedding 
ArtBark International 
A collaborative and co-creative process 
Choreography & Costumes: Misa Kelly ∞ Performance by: Mojca Majcen ∞ Movement Vocabulary & Text: Misa Kelly & Mojca Majcen ∞ Sound Mix: Misa Kelly using sound samples, Flute Dance, Yugoslavian National Anthem, Folk music from Yugoslavia by Ilija Poljakot, Bolsko Javanovic, Razija kokalovica, Sandra Kulusovski, Vlado Robanovski

Moki’s Wedding was created while Mojca Majcen was in residence with ArtBark in January/February of 2012 and has been performed in Santa Barbara/CA, Pasadena/CA, New York, Vienna and Paris. Moki’s Wedding draws from Mojca’s life experiences as well as the experiences of family and friends in times of war & civil unrest in what was once Yugoslavia.

Title: When She Stumbles
Barbara Mahler's Dances - Jackson Heights, NY USA
Choreographer: Barbara Mahler ∞ Performance by: Jamie Graham and Alissa Horowitz
Sound: Unknown ∞ Costumes: R. Conway

Title: Her Story
(Alex)andra Taylor Dance - New York, NY, USA
Choreographer: Alexandra Taylor ∞ Performance by: Valerie Miller, Alyssa Caliendo, Celie Erickson, Michelle Friend, Julie Goldberg, Rachel Slaughter, Julia Vickers ∞ Costumes by: Alexandra Taylor and Dancers ∞ Music by: Rachel's

Haunted by memories of her past, Aiden retells Her Story as she flashes back to the heartache and sadness that took what used to be her safe and contained life. As she is whisked away to an alternate time and space she is surrounded by a group of the caring but unknown, watching her past and present collide through a duet, narrated by her troubled tones.

Title: Spin Art (excerpts)
B3W Performance Group - NYC, NY, USA
Choreographer: Emily Berry ∞ Performance by: Jin Ju Song Begin, Nicole McClam, Sara Roer, & Darla Stanley ∞ Costumes by: Jin Ju Song Begin ∞ Music by: The Crystal Method, DJ Spooky, Beats Antique, & Blue Man Group

Spin Art is intended to be performed inside of a 30’ X 30’ plexiglass cube. Four performers inside the cube have tubes attached to their bodies that spray paint when they fling their limbs. The dancers build momentum through movement sequences, painting the walls and slowly disappearing from view.

Title: Fluff
Hart Pulse Dance Company - Los Angeles, CA USA
Choreography, Performance, Costume by: Amanda Hart ∞ Music by: Ellie Goulding
When you become enveloped in that fluffy feeling of love and security, wrapped in the arms of a loved one.


EUROPE: Slovenia
Michael A. Green - Celje
Mojca Majcen - Celje

Participating Artists - Film and Visual Arts 
Susan M Berkowitz 
Masha Braslavsky
Jillian Bernstein 
Fred Hatt  & 
Kimchi Kim 
Plus one visual artist that wishes to remain anonymous

Bill Bryn Russell
Rainbow Underhill
Art Bark,
May 16, 2013, 5:15 PM
Art Bark,
May 16, 2013, 5:08 PM
Art Bark,
May 16, 2013, 5:12 PM