Noelle Andressen-Kale: Rubans Rouges Dance Company – Valley Glen, CA U.S.A.

Photo: Kris Kale

Noelle Andressen-Kale

Rubans Rouges Dance Company


Artist Statement/Philosophy/Mission Statement:
I believe in expressing the gift of dance movement as a work of art in an authentic way that creates harmony with humans & the environment. 

Company Biography
Rubans Rouges Dance Company Based in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Rubans Rouges {'roo bahn - rooj} French for Red Ribbons, was founded & created by dancer and choreographer: Noelle Andressen in 2009. She named her dance company after her most beloved dances: "Shattered Innocence - Red Ribbons". The company is a labor of love in which she shares her artistry in: film, dance, theatrical movement and the talents of her husband's Emmy nominated scores. Her desire is to present pieces that touch the heart and move one's soul to ponder the wonderful intricacies of life's journeys. Performance venues: CSUN, ADaDPT Festival 2010, ADaPT-FestSprouts 2011, MixMatch Dance Festival 2011-2012, Affinity I & III 2012, Tomiko Fraser's Goddess Gathering Anniversary, Circle of Hope 2009-2010, American Cancer Society's Relay for Life 2011-2012-2013, ARC - Pasadena, Electric Lodge - St. Monica, Main Stage - St. Barbara, and many in L.A., Vegas, Hollywood, and San Diego.

Choreographer Biography

Noelle Andressen, Artistic Director of Rubans Rouges Dance Company, SAG actress and Emmy nominated indie-filmmaker/writer/music composer returned to her first love: DANCE after surviving breast cancer. With an AA in dance (Moorpark), BFA in film (UNLV) she's merged her passions: dance, theater & film into a multi-media dance company and ready to STORM! 

Her credits include: ABC's "Modern Family", g.l.a.a.d. Awards, TLN Cable Network, Clipper's Half Time, FlashMobAmerica and several music videos. Recently, cast as lead in modern dance film: "ENTROPY" (post-production) and nominated for RAW Performance Artist of the Year. 
Mentors: Robert Salas, Beth Megill, Misa Kelly & Stephen Kelly, Wendy Baity, Kiha Lee and Denise Gibson. Studied with: Jamie Nichols, Patrick Franz, Judy Pissaro-Grant.

What do you hope to gain from the experience of participating in this festival?
I want to grow as a person & learn from other artists. Take in all the wonderful dances and become inspired. 

Have you participated in other festivals or showcases?
Yes, Valley Glen Arts Festival in the Spring 2010, the ADaPT 2011 Festival and the Affinity Festival.