Learning exchange for a climate resilient Africa  

ALFA 2017 aimed at strengthening the linkages and commitment towards high-quality adaptation programs and actions, supported by capacity building opportunities, and resulting in long-term climate resilience among Africa's vulnerable populations. Out of the event, has come the vision:  

ALFA 2017 Objectives:

1.       Adaptation knowledge into action: drawing from successful adaptation initiatives, knowledge and evidence, and analysis of drivers and barriers. 

2.       An African framework of experts: exchange on  adaptation learning, capacity building and training  opportunities in Africa, their current and future potential for sustainability and up-scaling.

3.       An enabling environment: exploring ideas for improved coordination, continuous learning, knowledge brokering and exchange related to adaptive decisions, capacity building and action.    

Are you working on adaptation in Africa and want to get involved in the ALFA movement? Would you like to contribute to these objectives? Out of ALFA2017 comes the vision and with it champions to take this work further. Contact alp@careclimatechange.org for more information.

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Exchange of learning on adaptation between learning and research institutes, adaptation funding decision-makers and practitioners

20 - 23 March 2017, Senegal, West Africa

ALFA 2017 creates a platform for multi-stakeholder learning exchanges on knowledge, practice and capacity building for adaptation to climate change in Africa. It aims to strengthen linkages and commitment to high-quality adaptation programs and actions, supported by capacity-building opportunities and resulting in long-term climate resilience among vulnerable populations in Africa.

The objectives of ALFA 2017 are to support continuous learning on adaptation in Africa, towards :

1. From knowledge of adaptation to action : taking advantage of successful adaptation initiatives, knowledge and evidence, and analysis of levers and barriers.

2 . A framework of African experts : exchanges on learning about adaptation, capacity building and training opportunities in Africa, their current and future potential for sustainability and scaling up

3. A supportive environment : explore ideas for improved coordination, lifelong learning, brokering and knowledge exchange on adaptation decisions, capacity building and action.

Do you work on adaptation in Africa ? Would you like to contribute to these goals? ALFA 2017 will bring together up to 70 participants from learning, training and research institutes; Policy makers on adaptation financing and national adaptation plans; Financial preparedness programs, adaptation practitioners, think tanks and knowledge brokers in Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Fund managers, policy makers, evaluators and others interested in learning about what makes successful adaptation are welcome to register .

Why this event ?

In Africa, the number of research, capacity-building and programming initiatives on adaptation to climate change is increasing in response to emerging needs, UNFCCC commitments in the Paris Agreement, development of National adaptation and national contribution plans, and the promise of adaptation funding through the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Adaptation Fund (AF), the Climate Change Fund in Africa And other modalities. African universities and training institutes are developing centers and courses devoted to climate change adaptation in response to the growing need for skills and knowledge.

Demand for capacity to design, implement and monitor good quality adaptation programs will continue to grow as African institutions obtain accreditation for direct access to these funds. Learning platforms and communities of practice among African accredited entities are emerging, where knowledge about the conditions for access to funding is shared. As the number of actors and the range of adaptation activities increases, opportunities to learn what works and what is not limited to disciplines, sectors and community realities.

There are an increasing number of approaches to the implementation of integrated climate adaptation and resilience in sectors, local government and community development planning and risk reduction. A common and distinctive characteristic of adaptation is the need for flexibility and responsiveness as climate change impacts in new and unknown ways over time. Learning on an ongoing basis becomes an essential component in achieving this goal by strengthening adaptive capacity and managing ongoing change - the ability to continually change course, anticipate and respond to change.

ALFA 2017 will be convened by CARE International's Adaptation Learning Program (ALP), the International Development Research Center (IDRC), the African Center for Technological Studies (ACTS), ENDA Energie and Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB).

Location:  Saly, Senegal