Dr. Adam Trendowicz is a senior consultant in the department Processes and Measurement at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE) in Kaiserslautern, Germany. His main areas of expertise include software cost estimation, measurement and data analysis, software quality modeling and evaluation, continuous process improvement, and empirical methods.

Recently, Dr. Trendowicz has been involved in a number of research and industrial initiatives. He led improvement activities with respect to software cost estimation and software measurement in several software companies of different sizes and from various domains (e.g., in Germany, Japan, and India). He was involved in functional software size estimation (Function Points Analysis) and productivity benchmarking in several organizations from the industry and public domains. Dr. Trendowicz is a member of an international team (together with Prof. Victor Basili) that developed the strategic software measurement and management method GQM+Strategies® - an enhancement of the well-know Goal-Question-Metric approach. As a member of the German Standardization Organization (DIN), Dr. Trendowicz actively participates in the work of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) on the series of ISO 25000 standards for software product quality. Moreover, he is a core member of a team working on a German national software product quality standard - QuaMoCo.

Dr. Trendowicz provided several tutorials on software cost estimation and was one of the organizers of the International Workshop on Efficient Software Cost Estimation Approaches (WESoC 2006). Moreover, he supervises the software economics and risk management module within a distance studies program in Software Engineering for Embedded Systems developed jointly by the University of Kaiserslautern and Fraunhofer IESE. Finally, Dr. Trendowicz has co-authored more than 20 international journal and conference publications.